mark a rayner: Twitter etiquette

If someone follows you, please, don’t immediately DM them and ask them to friend you on FB now, or buy your book, or watch your hilarious YouTube videos, etc. Imagine you’re at a party, and you’ve just encountered Bob. Bob seems interesting. Bob has a neat beard and a funny t-shirt. So you start a conversation. ...

Song of the Watermelon: Vancouver Sun Letter

Please see today’s Vancouver Sun — or click here — for my latest letter to the editor. This one is about BC Premier Christy Clark’s efforts to raise government revenue via liquefied natural gas production. As regular readers might expect, I am not exactly on board.

Song of the Watermelon: Chimpanzee Literature

I appear to be becoming somewhat of a literary one-hit wonder (defining “hit” rather expansively, of course). While most of my short stories continue to suffer delays and rejections (ain’t that the name of the game!), “The Assembly of Equals” has just received publication for a third time today — now in a lovely little ...

Song of the Watermelon: Another National Post Letter

This one is about the Harper government’s crackdown on the charitable sector despite its important contribution to our democracy. Please see today’s National Post for my letter.