Dead Wild Roses: The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

Everyone loves some good science on black holes. 🙂

Dead Wild Roses: Gynecologists Work With Females.

Amazing how facts give no shits about gender identity.

Dead Wild Roses: Science Ruins Super Strength

When you stop and think about it… Advertisements

Dead Wild Roses: Homeopathy – Update! Still Bunk.

Scripturient: The magic of reading

Can you make sense of those lines in the image to the right? Of course not. They’re deconstructed from the letters of a simple, one-syllable word and randomly re-arranged. It’s just four letters, but their component parts are not arranged in the proper order, so they seem like meaningless lines and squiggles. We’ve not been ...

Dead Wild Roses: The Coastline Paradox – The Science Continues on DWR

Finite area but infinite perimeter? What magic is this?

Dead Wild Roses: A Primer on String Theory – In A Nutshell

I do like me some science. 🙂

Dead Wild Roses: How Engines Work

Fascinating stuff as my knowledge of cars and engines is roughly at the – ‘turn key, car go’ level.

Dead Wild Roses: How Dare They? :) – Redefining the Kilogram

As of this year the standard example of what a kilogram is will change.  No longer will we have a physical representation, but rather a construct based on the harmonization of physics and chemistry.  Fascinating stuff. 🙂

Dead Wild Roses: Is Glass A Liquid?

Well I knew it was. However, I was also under the mistaken assumption that window pane glass actually ‘flowed’ with gravity under time. I was mistaken, given reasonable scales of time. The more you know and all that… 🙂

Dead Wild Roses: Black Holes – The Most Efficient Energy Source

Just a note, I do not advocate tossing cats into black holes.  I can think of several more worthy human candidates before we even *considered* throwing in the kittehs. Filed under: Science Tagged: Black Holes, Minute Physics, Science

Dead Wild Roses: Minute Physics takes on the The Simpson’s Paradox

Context is so important – that stats course I keep thinking about taking is coming closer to top of mind. 🙂 Filed under: Science Tagged: Science, Statisitcs

Dead Wild Roses: Water Hammer – Now you know the Engineering Behind the Problem

I’m glad youtube exists for videos like this one.  It allows me to make more reasonable calls to my plumber because stuff like “pipe make bad noise” just seems silly. 🙂   Filed under: Education Tagged: Engineering, Science, The Moar You Know

Dead Wild Roses: The Most Dangerous Drug in the World.

Ubiquity seems to be the qualifying factor. Filed under: Science Tagged: Drugs, Lethal Dose, Science

Montreal Simon: Can Science Turn Conservatives Into Liberals?

Ever since my days at McGill, I've been interested in studying the brains of Cons, to try to determine what makes them so dumb and so bestial.And for years I've known that what sets those brains apart from those of normal people is the size of the amygdala, or fear gland.  Peering inside the brain with ...

Dead Wild Roses: Minute Physics – Star Corpses

Science break, folks. 🙂   Filed under: Science Tagged: Science, Star Corpses

Things Are Good: 15,000 Scientists Want to Change Climate Change

They want to stabilize the change and, ideally, change the trajectory we’re on. Climate change is happening faster than predicted and the positive feedback loops have started (meaning that it’s even harder to stop climate change) – this is the warning from over 15,000 scientists. The Alliance of World Scientists released a statement and invite ...

Politics and its Discontents: A Governor General To Be Proud Of

While the traditional role of the Governor General is to play the mute on any issues that may upset some, smile engagingly at state functions and mouth sanctimonious platitudes upon demand, Julie Payette has a different take on her function. I applaud her for it.It is difficult to understand how, in the 21st century, we ...

Scripturient: The ignorati rise

Chapman University recently published the results of a depressing, but hardly surprising, survey that shows American believe in codswallop continue to rise. Not political codswallop – this is the supernatural, paranormal, wingnut type.  And the numbers are huge. Or yuge as the ignorati-in-chief would say. The article notes, “nearly three-fourths of Americans do believe in ...

Scripturient: The dogshit dilemma

We have a problem with dogshit. Well, all municipalities do, of course, but ours is increasingly evident: it’s everywhere. And with the growing popularity of pets and our growing population, it’s becoming worse.* How do we deal with it? We pick it up, of course, as we dispose of it in our own garbage bins ...

Dead Wild Roses: Is Reality Real- The Simulation Argument

It might explain what is happening in the US, if our alien observers accidentally split the stupid sauce on the hard drive… Filed under: Science Tagged: Philosophy, Reality, Science

PostArctica: Dissolving Clouds

Came across this and began to wonder… If I could do it too… So today I dissolved some clouds using only the powers of my mind. It took longer than I thought it would.  

Dead Wild Roses: Northern Lights – Pictures over Norway

Auroral Corona over Norway : Higher than the highest mountain lies the realm of the aurora. Auroras rarely reach below 60 kilometers, and can range up to 1000 kilometers. Aurora light results from energetic electrons and protons striking atoms and molecules in the Earths atmosphere. Somewhat uncommon, an auroral corona appears as a center point ...

Scripturient: Forty years of geekitude

It was forty years ago this fall, in 1977, that I bought my first computer. I had little experience with computers prior to that – a few weeks working after hours on an APL system at the U of T, mostly to play games against the machine, reading a few magazine articles on the coming ...

Dead Wild Roses: The Information Paradox – Black Holes

Break your brain on the implications of black holes and our reality. Filed under: Science Tagged: Black Holes, Science