In This Corner: Goodbye Rick Miller, one of the good ones.

It was a few days after the disastrous provincial election of 2008, when the entire Class of Edmonton Alberta Liberals 2004 when down to unexpected (and unwarranted) defeat at the hands of the inexplicable Ed Stelmach juggernaut. We were gathered for an ill-timed leader’s dinner, the big fundraiser for the ALP. I opted to leave ... - Alberta politics: Rick Miller was a true gentleman of the Alberta Legislature

TweetRick Miller was a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. I was saddened to learn that former MLA Rick Miller passed away yesterday after a long battle with prostate cancer. Rick served as the Liberal MLA for Edmonton-Rutherford from 2004 to 2008 and during that time as the official opposition Finance critic. He became Chief ... - Alberta politics blog: big money spent in alberta’s 2012 election.

Tweet  Elections Alberta has released the financial disclosure forms submitted by candidates who ran in the April 2012 provincial election and some of the disclosure forms reveal some interesting information about how much money was fundraised and spent during the campaign. The money spent by candidates and political parties in Alberta elections are nowhere near ... - Alberta politics blog: assembly housekeeping: new staff, new speaker, & new public accounts committee chair.

Tweet As the Opposition Caucuses and Parties reorganize following electoral changes caused as a results of the April 23 election, there will be a number of staff and role changes in Assembly. The new Assembly will convene for the first time to elect a new Speaker on May 23, 2012 and listen to the Speech ...

In This Corner: Now is the time for all good Liberals to come to the aid of their party.

Important note: The following blog is intended only for people who usually vote Liberal, but who are thinking of switching their vote to either the PCs (to stop the Wildrose) or to the Wildrose (to defeat the PCs). Unwavering PC supporters, bedrock Wildrose supporters and compulsive NDP backers, please leave the virtual room. This blog ... - Alberta politics blog: a wildrose government will need a real opposition.

Danielle Smith with Wildrose MLA's Paul Hinman, Heather Forsyth, and Rob Anderson in 2010. Despite questioning climate science and refusing to remove one candidate who railed against a policy to protect sexual minorities in public schools and another who claimed his skin colour as a political advantage, Danielle Smith‘s Wildrose Party appears set to form a government after April ... - Alberta politics blog: 15 races to watch in alberta’s 2012 election.

In the lead up to the Alberta’s 2012 election, I have identified fifteen constituencies across the province that could produce interesting contests and results when the election is called. 15 races to watch in Alberta's 2012 election. 1) Highwood The Wildrose Party has staked their future in the success of leader Danielle Smith and I ...