We Pivot: Modern Labour Activism?

Modern Labour Activism Modern Labour Activism is a collection of 35 labour renewal essays I wrote for Our Times magazine from March 2010 to June 2017. Is Canada’s labour movement in an existential crisis? Is it properly adapting to the … [Read more]

We Pivot: Feminism and Intersectionality, LIVE!

Feminism, intersectionality, activism in a world spinning out of rationality? Need to some grounding, inspiration and joy? Want to see the woman who invented the word “intersectionality”? Here’s what should be on your plate tomorrow night at 730pm PST! Tony … [Read more]

We Pivot: Community First, Deportations Second?

Residents were upset that the president who promised to deport undocumented immigrants was rounding up undocumented immigrants in order to deport them. “I knew he was Mexican, but he’s been here so long, he’s just one of us,” Debra Johnson, … [Read more]

We Pivot: Countdown to Impeachment

As we pivot to a new world where political lies and corruption get the boot, let’s begin the countdown. T$$$p must go, Trudeau’s lies and family foundation apparent conflict of interest must go, Clark’s electoral finance corruption and just plain … [Read more]

We Pivot: T$$$p and His Cabinet Are TRYING to Trigger Us All

Like a 3-year-old trying to bug siblings and parents to receive ANY kind of attention, T$$$p and his cabinet are on a distraction campaign to trigger people to flip out so that we’re distracted from their agenda of deconstructing America … [Read more]

We Pivot: Mobilize Now Against Local and Global Fascism

Don’t be stunned or rest in a superficial analysis of our new world with this president, Trump. There’s a chance you’ve just been missing out on how Canadian and American societies have been changing. Perhaps you’ve been living in an … [Read more]

We Pivot: How Many Dead Kids in Care Is too Many?

How many thousands of dead, injured and abused kids in the care of the BC government are OK for BC Liberal Party voters? None? Try thousands over 16 years. And how many more thousands of dead, injured and abused kids … [Read more]

We Pivot: The Value of the Budweiser Boycott

Budweiser has been so coy pretending their Super Bowl pro-immigration ad wasn’t political. Of course it was. Own it. But as people boycott something with the alternate spelling [Budwiser], we are able to more clearly see how people want to … [Read more]

We Pivot: Actually, T***p is the Rogue One

The USA is now a rogue state, intentionally sowing ill will around the world. Canada must become a sanctuary nation immediately. #cdnpoli — WePivot.net 💭💬💭 (@WePivot) January 28, 2017 Trudeau is in Vancouver today for a Harper-style no-questions media availability. … [Read more]

Eh Types: Capitulation Day

Comfort is in scare supply to those who value democracy  — or even basic human decency — but what little comfort is available I can take in saying at least I tried. It was December 2015, when I wrote that based on our experience in Toronto, America should be wary that Trump may win. Instead, ...

Things Are Good: Effective Nonviolent Resistance Against Tyranny

Using violence to fight violence isn’t the best approach, instead nonviolent resistance can be used effectively (and less ironically). In this TED talk Jamila Raqib explores what are the best forms of resistance to oppressive entities through nonviolence and how to think about nonviolent resistance. She uses her life experience and connects to the complex ...

Political Eh-conomy: Political Eh-conomy Radio: In and out of crisis with Sam Gindin

Today’s podcast is a feature interview with fellow political economist Sam Gindin. I interrogate Sam about the political economy of the present: the exit from the 2007 crisis, the role of states, austerity, the place of finance and the possibilities of resistance. Download: podcast-140314-sam-gindin.mp3 Sam Gindin is a left political economist with a long career. ...

Political Eh-conomy: Transformations in profit and possibilities of resistance: A reply to Sam Gindin

Several weeks ago, I published a series of blog posts on profitability and investment in Canada since the financial crisis of 2007-8. These were republished as a single long article on Socialist Project and given the title, “Canada’s Profitability and Stagnation Puzzle”.  Since them, Sam Gindin has published a reply to my piece, “Puzzle or ...

Parchment in the Fire: Why have the Irish not revolted?

Reblogged from Sráid Marx: The defeat of the opposition to the property tax and the ability of the Government to impose a second Croke Park austerity deal might lead many to conclude that resistance to austerity has been defeated.  Even before this many have commented that while Greece has witnessed violent protests and numerous general ...

350 or bust: Take Time To Renew Your Spirit

The Canadian Progressive: Idle No More And Indigenous Uprisings Guarantee A Sustainable Future

by: Kristin Moe | Article originally published by Yes! Magazine: Idle No More protest on Parliament Hill, Ottawa. Dec 2012 (Photo: Obert Madondo) There’s a remote part of northern Alberta where the Lubicon Cree have lived, it is said, since time immemorial. The Cree called the vast, pine-covered region niyanan askiy, “our land.” When white settlers first ...

The Disaffected Lib: They Have Re-Elected Their "Liberal" Lapdog – Now They’re Coming For Our Coast

It will probably be sooner rather than later before we find out whether Christy Clark will become British Columbia’s Judas Goat to the Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan pipeline/supertanker fiascos. Steve Harper, Alison Redford and Enbridge just need to buy or coerce Clark’s capitulation, make her sell-out  the province and people of British Columbia, and ...

The Canadian Progressive: Indigenous resistance grows strong in Keystone XL pipeline battle

By: Crysbel Tejada and Betsy Catlin | First published by Waging Nonviolence on May 8, 2013: On cloudy days, heavy smoke fills the air of Ponca City, Okla., with grey smog that camouflages itself into the sky. The ConocoPhillips oil refinery that makes its home there uses overcast days as a disguise to release more […] The post Indigenous resistance ...

Canadian Progressive: Occupy Wall Street 1 Year Later: A Roundtable Discussion

Democracy Now host Amy Goodman hosts a roundtable discussion of Occupy Wall Street movement on its 1 year anniversary with the following experts: Frances Fox Piven, an author and professor at City University of New York who has studied social movements for decades; Nathan Schneider, editor of the blog Waging Nonviolence, which has extensively covered ...

Canadian Progressive: Opposition mounts as first tar sands mine in US gets a green light

Tar sands extraction, which has caused tremendous pollution and environmental degradation in Canada, has crossed the border to U.S. soil taken root in Utah.

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Quebec Student Protest Movement Begins Tour Of Ontario Universities

While the pots and pans are on a summer hiatus, the ground-breaking Quebec student protest movement is visiting an Ontario university near you. Representatives of CLASSE, Quebec’s largest student federation, and other activists have embarked on a tour of ten Ontario universities. The nine-day Quebec-Ontario Student Solidarity Tour, funded by the Canadian Federation of Students, ...

Rusty Idols: Should Canada start considering EVERY American woman eligible for Refugee status?

Government mandated rape with medical instruments, laws mandating that women be forced to explain to their boss why they are using birth control pills, laws mandating that even if pregnancy will KILL the mother she be forced to carry a pregnancy to term – even if the fetus itself is dead. At what point should any ...

“Stratfor Wanted Assange Out by Any Means”

by: Yazan al-Saadi While publicly underplaying the significance of WikiLeaks activity in combating government secrecy, senior execs and analysts at private US intelligence firm Stratfor privately described Wikileaks founder Julian Assange as a “terrorist” and “delusion nut” who “needs to be water-boarded” and made to “move from country to country” for the “next 25 years,” ...

Rusty Idols: Taking on a Revolting Bully

A billionaire Mormon backer of Mitt Romney with an anti-gay axe to grind and a habit of using his vast wealth to harass, intimidate and silence critics gets openly challenged by Glenn Greenwald to put up or shut up: Frank VanderSloot is an Idaho billionaire and the CEO of Melaleuca, Inc., a controversial billion-dollar-a-year company which ...

Politics and Entertainment: Some Canadians are snoozing while Harper continues his destructive crusade through democracy, the environment, and the Canadian economy; but not all

As Susan Riley suggests in the Citizen today, most Canadians are snoozing through President Harper’s vicious assault on democracy, the environment, and, more noticeably recently, the Canadians economy.  If you’ve read any of my other posts here about the Harper Regime’s extraordinary misspending and misguided attempts to manage the economy – which are the real reasons we ...