Impolitical: On the lighter side

Yes, we all know that Mitt Romney won the big Florida primary last night. Hours of overhyped television coverage seeping on to our Canadian screens told us so. But did you know that Romney is a doppelganger for a certain aquatic species? Well, if you watch the above, then you will! The sound effects are ...

Impolitical: You’re doing it wrong

Newt makes another appeal today on Keystone: Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich spoke directly to Canadians at a campaign stop in Tampa Monday, vowing to kick-start the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in the Oval Office. “I want to promise Canadians on the very first day I will sign an executive order authorizing ...

Impolitical: Late night moonwalking

Just too fun to resist. How the Gingrich moon base plan fared in the Republican debate tonight. Predictable responses from his fellow candidates, largely challenging the expense it would represent. Not so predictable, Newt’s invocation of Chinese competition on the moon front. Even as he spoke at the CNN debate, Gingrich’s three rivals for the ...

Impolitical: Chart of the day

On Obama’s likelihood of re-election, as the red line goes up, the blue line goes up. Fun with statistics:) (h/t)

Impolitical: You can call it what you like

Fun exchange from last night’s train wreck Republican debate. Newt looks like he wants to strangle Romney. Seriously.

Impolitical: Late night

The victory speech by Newt Gingrich in South Carolina last night. If you missed it, there’s a notable mention of Stephen Harper by Gingrich. It happens shortly after the 20 minute mark. You may wish to fast forward to that moment if your blowhard threshold is low. Long story short, in the course of criticizing ...

Impolitical: Late night

Well that should finish off Rick Perry. Amazing. Here’s Andrew Sullivan’s liveblog and his sum of the reaction. Sounds like it was another Romney night by virtue of the other candidates not laying a glove on him or focusing elsewhere.

DeSmogBlog: As Santorum Surges, Sound Science Sags

blog_harmon_santorum-320×268.jpg This is a guest post by Bill Walker, originally published at Climate Central. There’s a new ringleader of the skeptics' circus — otherwise known as the 2012 field of Republican presidential candidates. Rick Santorum’s out-of-nowhere surge to a virtual tie for first place in the Iowa caucuses may not boost him to frontrunner status in ...

Impolitical: Late night

On the lighter side! A few fun moments there. Which we can now say are fun given that this candidate is in our rear view mirrors. See ya!

Impolitical: Late night

Here’s one take on that Newt paper at Ultimately, however, the most frightening thing about Gingrich’s proposal isn’t its direct conflict with the Constitution, but the implications of such a violation of the Constitution for a fair and impartial judiciary. The framers protected judges from exactly this kind of intimidation because they knew that ...

Impolitical: Late night

What exactly is Fox News trying to say about Mitt Romney anyway? Another fine moment in journamalism. (h/t to a little birdie)

Northern Reflections: Send In The Clowns

I first became interested in politics in 1960, as a twelve year old kid growing up in Montreal. That was the year Jean Lesage defeated Antonio Barrette and the remnants of Maurice Duplessis’ Union Nationale. That was also the year John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon. Sitting north of the border, I had no voice ...