LeDaro: Mitt Romney’s latest campaign ad

Campaign 2012 R.I.P. 🙂

Football Season is Over

Devotees of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson‘s manic genius are all too aware of the title’s significance as one of the final banal observations of a shooting star burning out and falling to earth. Here’s an excerpt from that 2003 interview with Tim Russert: Now go read RossK’s dedication… with the right kind of eyes, if ...

So long Hitch

The world just got a little duller and a lot less literate. Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011.



Here’s To The Crazy One

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 (graphic from EhMac)

Adieu, le bon Jack

Agree with him ideologically or not, Jack Layton was clearly no ordinary politician, and the week following his passing has been no ordinary week.  The widespread emotional outpouring in response to his death has been, dare I say it?  Unprecedented?  I certainly can’t recall anything quite like it. Of all the memorials to Jack Layton, ...

Niagara Falls to go Orange

The “Great Orange Wave” that made such profound changes to the Canadian political landscape last May apparently didn’t recede permanently into the electoral ocean.  Since Jack Layton’s passing on Monday, everything’s been coming up orange! And then there was the CN Tower.  Now it’s Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls will join the CN Tower in going ...

Oh no

The NDP loses a beloved leader who took his party to new heights, the “Little Guy” loses a tenacious and constant defender, and Canada loses a politician of extremely rare integrity: Jack Layton, who earlier this year led his party to an unexpected victory over the Liberals to become the official opposition party for the ...

LeDaro: Sad News – Jack Layton passed away today at the age of 61

Photo from the Globe and Mail. The news came suddenly; it still hasn’t sunk in completely for me. He overcame the odds, campaigned vigorously in 2011 with his walking-cane, turning it from a symbol of frailness to one of triumph. Today is a truly non-partisan moment as tributes come in from all parties – Liberal, ...