PostArctica: Handsome Johnny by Wally Dae

On this time of remembering and not forgetting… Handsome Johnny by Wally Dae And remember that Wally Dae will continue to be the Special Guest at the Jam at Cafe Kali every Friday through November.

Art Threat: Artist says Nope to Stephen Harper (again)

Four years ago, Bob Preston found himself in the same position as millions of Canadians: he desperately wanted to see prime minsiter Stephen Harper turfed from office. Influenced by Shepard Fairey’s iconic

Art Threat: Transform This: iconic Johnny Cash photo used to protest Saskatchewan university cuts

Things may soon be looking grim for many students and faculty at the University of Saskatchewan. The Saskatoon-based institution is looking to slash up to $25 million from its operating budget. In a restructuring process the administration has branded TransformUS, the UofS is currently determining “university priorities”, after which they plan to “eliminate or reduce ...

Polygonic: La France Forte, or Why You Desperately Need Sarko Standing On the Beach

The French presidential campaign is kicking into high gear, and Nicolas Sarkozy has one key message for his ungrateful people: vote him back in, and he promises to spend his second term standing on the beach, like a magnificant granite Colossus, liquifying overseas demons with the sheer power of his blue-eyed gaze.  Don’t believe it? ...