Politics and its Discontents: Friday Night Humour

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Harper Valley: Rob Ford’s Crack, Smokes

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Harper Valley: Talking, Sharing and Healing Circles

It’s been some time now since I’ve posted, but, an upcoming event that is of mega importance is coming up in Vancouver.  Occupy Vancouver is moving closer and closer to becoming a sustainable movement due to their committment to indigenous ways like guiding principles and now, Talking Circles.  An upcoming workshop on this with Chief ...

The Deadly Myths of Globalisation

What follows is the introduction to a talk I gave at the 3rd Innis Christie Lecture & Symposium in Labour and Employment Law.  My sister was educated at the Dalhousie School of Law and I was Lucky enough when visiting her to attend a lecture by Innis Christie.  I am not going to brag I ...

Harper Valley: Tanker Delivers Hooligan Oil to Coast Salish People

Kitimat – A large tanker carrying hooligan oil set forth from Kitimat to the Burrard Inlet in the Salish Sea.  The hooligan run was a bumper crop so it was arranged that the S.S. Minnow would set forth with the oil and in exchange the Squamish and Tseil-Waatuth would ship back an excess of salmon ...

Harper Valley: Indigenous Pipeline (Twinned)

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Harper Valley: mongolian

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Harper Valley: hochelaga

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Harper Valley: clark_christy_jerk

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Harper Valley: christy_clark_totem

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Harper Valley: christy_clark_how

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Harper Valley: For safe keeping

  ECLIPSE AND ENLIGHTENMENT A legal opinion delivered by Bruce Clark, LL.B., M.A., Ph.D.at Listuguj in the Mi'qmaq countryon September 4, 1996.   Since coming to the Mi’qmaq country at Listuguj in the summer of 1996, I have learned of the traditional story of the ship that brought darkness which will be followed by light ...

Mankiw’s students walk out

So about ten percent of Mankiw’s students figured out that Mankiw is a neoliberal. Harvard students should have known that by grade six. Better late then never I suppose. Filed under: Greg Mankiw, liberal economic theory, Neoclassical, Neoliberalism, political humour

Harper Valley: The Mohawk Manifesto

MNN_188_Mohawk_Manifesto_sep_9_05  The legal framework that proves by Rule of Law that First Nations are indeed sovereign.  This is because Canada is in fraud and treason unto itself as it has never obeyed Queen Anne’s Royal Order which says all indigenous peoples must be dealt with on a nation to nation basis with a third, neutral ...

Harper Valley: Occupy , October 15th

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Harper Valley: Wall Street, Kiss Your Knackers Goodbye!

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Harper Valley: Stephen Harper’s Police State

Doesn’t HE look grand?  From the first throws of holding office , Steve’s done nothing but a series of playing dress-up and enacting the game….only, in real life.   So he’s made Canada a police state.   My what fun, for him!  Bullies don’t really have any concern about the people they’re hurting, the toxic ...

Harper Valley: Who Needs Photoshop?

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Harper Valley: The Devil Wears Prada, Christy Wears Nada

    What’s this?  Christy Clark showing off her finery?  If the Emporer has no clothes at least Christy might look better then him parading naked down Government Street,  but all it would serve to do is let us know what we already do:  Clark is all about money, making money, spending money, perhaps even ...

Harper Valley: Jack Layton. 1950 – 2011

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Harper Valley: Christy van der Clark

Christy van der Clark There’s certain rules a B.C. Liberal/Socred must adhere to; cruelty is at the top of the list.  While Bill van der Zalm was busy plucking the wings off flies during his tenure as premier, Christy Clark has begun working on disecting the fly itself (sans anaesthetic). Christy, you give here, then ...

Harper Valley: What is North America Truly Asking For?

The turbulence is growing….England, Greece, Spain….where’s next?  It could be our own backyards. This from Mohawk Clan Mother, Kahentenita Horn: Youth Riots – Ravenous Hunger for Freedom     MNN.  August 9, 2011.  People and animals don’t live or breed well in captivity, unless they think they are free.  Indigenous had mental, physical and spiritual freedoms.  Europeans were born into ...

Harper Valley: Tales From The Project – #2

Ain’t that a pretty view?  And it’s mine, all mine! I’m still adjusting to life in the projects…the neighbourhood is sweet .  I’ve gotten most of the bus routes downpat and like to ride my bike downtown; it’s an easy route with a small hill that allows me to coast back downhill. There’s a million ...

Harper Valley: Tales From The Project – #1

Building in my new 'hood. I’m in the projects!  BC Housing came through, finally, after enlisting the help of an NDP MLA who addressed my physical and mental health concerns to the health branch of housing.  Who would have known they had a health branch?  But that’s one of the things about B.C.’s Housing and ...

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Definitely cabinet material

A man arrested for allegedly assaulting police officers with an electric drill says he plans to seek the Provincial Conservative nomination in Port de Grave district during this fall’s provincial election. Here’s a chunk of the story from Voice Of the Cabinet Minister before it is disappeared: The man accused of assaulting a police officer ...