PostArctica: NDG Gothic

Trying some new ideas, let me know what you think. NDG is a neighborhood in Montreal.

PostArctica: Untitled # 319

PostArctica: Bags from Columbia

Walking down a pleasant street in the north plateau the other evening and I run into this entrepreneur. Excellent quality handmade goods made in Columbia. Check them out on Facebook here!

PostArctica: Garden In Verdun

Interesting watering system.

PostArctica: Dying Tree With Storm

Don’t look back.

PostArctica: Waiting

Every season presents a new set of circumstances, a new type of song.

PostArctica: Walk A Lot, Read A Lot

Taking a break in La Fontaine Park.

PostArctica: Rainbow in Montreal Today

It rained all day. The sun came out for a while.

PostArctica: Longing

PostArctica: River High, Shore Erosion In Verdun

The Saint Lawrence has been much higher than usual this spring in Verdun. Today I walked between the Natatorium and the Marina and there were parts of the lower path already washed out. My first concern is that many trees along the shoreline have already leaned into the river and I wonder if this erosion ...

PostArctica: Trees Cut Down In Verdun

It was inevitable were they going to proceed with the poorly conceived beach project on the Verdun waterfront, but it turns out that even though the city has recently said that the project has been postponed, a large swath of trees has been cut down on the proposed beach site. So my question today is ...

PostArctica: Printemps

I may have said this before but it bears repeating… I once had a problem photographing something in terms of composition, or maybe it was just attitude, in any case, I advised myself to just go in like Friedlander shooting cacti. And it has very much become a part of my personal aesthetic as I ...

PostArctica: There Are Memories Everywhere

PostArctica: Stormy Today

Was out and about this afternoon. Nature has a way of evening up the score – after a relatively balmy and dry January and February, March so far has provided our coldest temperatures and this could be the biggest snowstorm of the year, Outside the Mount Royal Metro station. Corner of Rivard and Marie Anne. ...

PostArctica: This Is A Bench! Enjoy!

Picture taken in the area that will become the Verdun beach. Going to miss the rugged spontaneity,  the urban explorer sensibility, that got so beautifully cultivated in an organic manner through here.

PostArctica: Today on Mount Royal

Unusually mild for today’s date and with a lot of snow and ice on ground level that makes for some perfect fog, especially as you go higher on Mount Royal. How foggy was it? That is Beaver Lake straight ahead. It was quite surreal up there, you could hear people talking on the roads before ...

PostArctica: Almost Done!

Tomorrow is the last day of autumn which means it is also the last day of L’automne (please drop by and like the page if you haven’t already). One of the most interesting experiences of my life has been walking and photographing the Verdun waterfront over the last three months. Tomorrow I take it to ...

PostArctica: A Symphony of Ice with Beaver Update

It was pretty cold out there today and a huge sheet of ice was breaking up and floating down the river when I got there. You can hear it as the individual pieces clang against each, especially the moving ones banging against the more solid ice close to shore. (and light backgrounds do highlight the ...

PostArctica: Beaver Situation Takes A Turn For The Weird

Was down at the river today just trudging through the lower trail when I spotted some chicken wire fences wrapped around some trees. As I had blogged about a problem with beavers aggressively attacking trees on the Verdun waterfront, I assumed there might be a connection.   So this is all good, except, and I ...

PostArctica: Like Bertolucci’s The Conformist

The Conformist is a film by Bernardo Bertolucci that for all its political subject matter is an astonishingly beautiful film to watch. I have never forgotten the chase scene through the woods that was probably shot at dusk using available light. It is a scene also reminiscent of Barry Lyndon for that particular technical reason. ...

PostArctica: Canadian Graffiti

PostArctica: When Nature Gets Creepy

It is cold and there is enough of a wind to blow some of this tall grass around, occasionally flying into your face. Snow has fallen forcing swaths of it to collapse creating the illusion of these low lying dark spaces where all kinds of horrible troll like creatures may exist, just waiting for you ...

PostArctica: Beaver Activity on Verdun Waterfront

Well, there usually is. I have been walking the Verdun waterfront almost every day since October 1st and while I have noticed the odd tree that has been chewed, it is only the last week or ten days where it has been disturbingly noticeable. I say “disturbingly” because it really is a thin strip of ...

PostArctica: Come To Standing Rock!

Inspired by veterans at the site I wrote this song tonight. My gift. Feel free to add, subtract, change, whatever it takes to make this a great song.   We have blood and dirt on our hands from all these son’s and daughter’s commands we never really did very much for the land but now ...

PostArctica: Lately

Some from the last week or so. My new thing is that I now call these types of pictures my “Picturebook Pictures” lol. Shooting directly into the sun but a 1/4000th of a second shutter speed makes a half arsed image possible. looking the other way. Seen on a door in Saint Henri ( really?). ...