cartoon life: Stevie and Grumpy

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cartoon life: Pumpkin 2014

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cartoon life: Speaker of the House, Andrew Scheer

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cartoon life: This year’s water lilies

There have been about a half dozen blooms this summer, all hiding discreetly beneath the lush leaf cover. I think the secret is no longer having raccoons or skunks as nighttime visitors. Filed under: photo Tagged: garden, pond, water lily

cartoon life: Some interesting image captures from a few rides around #ldnont

I’ve been employing a Hero3 camera on my bike rides. Occasionally, the wireless network gets left on, or accidentally bumped on and sucks the battery. Occasionally something doesn’t get turned off and sucks the battery. Sometimes the memory card decides it isn’t formatted right and iPhoto won’t import any images, but Image Capture will. Go ...

cartoon life: Poilievre’s opinion

“I never made such a gesture.” responds Pierre Poutine, in response to critics of the so-called “Fair Elections Act’”. Filed under: comment, digital, illustration, photo Tagged: bill C-23, Canada, CPC, democratic reform, Pierre Poilievre, politics

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Mexico City: A study in impermanence, and a lesson to us all

pablo lopez luz photographs the concrete waves (or carpet, as he puts it) of Mexico City   The unbelievably sprawling concrete carpet of Mexico City seen in these photos make me think… Gorgeous country, beautiful culture and people, horrible government, amazing capital city – but utterly unsustainable, as most cities are. Watch for the ruins ...

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Love, sympathy and mutual aid are natural – we have to be taught to be greedy little narcissists

    During a California wildfire rescue workers ran out of crates to place rescued animals, forcing them to put a fawn and a bobcat kitten in an office together. When they got back they found that fawn and the bobcat cuddling and the pair became inseparable.   Yes, compassion, love and solidarity are natural. ...

cartoon life: Shasta daisy

Stumbling through iPhoto I spotted this from a few weeks back. Better than I remembered it… Filed under: photo Tagged: daisy, flower, relief, wet

cartoon life: Duck ducking

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cartoon life: A panorama

Fun. Don’t move when shooting a 360. Or maybe you should move? Filed under: photo Tagged: panorama

cartoon life: Staircase 2

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cartoon life: Staircase 1

The staircase. The house is over 110 years old. Workmanlike build, but it has lasted. I may have mentioned that I was delighted to find only one coat of paint on this woodwork. Olloclip fisheye lens. This is a narrow hall. Treatment, again, in Popsicolour. Filed under: photo Tagged: restoration, staircase

cartoon life: Between a rock and a wet place

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Polygonic: Old Entish Soldier

Along the base of Emeishan in Sichuan Province, a network of forest trails connect temples, pavilions, and spots of tranquil contemplation (despite the heaving crowds!). This solitary figure continues to stand tall – though the tree has died, it’s a home to lots of other new life.

The Canadian Progressive: “Just watch me”: Justin Trudeau on whether he can beat Stephen Harper

By: Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive: Liberal leadership front-runner Justin Trudeau wants you to be assured that he can beat Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the ballot. During a flight from Halifax to Ottawa Tuesday evening, a fellow passenger send him a note with the question: “Can you really beat Harper?” Trudeau responded […] The post “Just watch ...

Art Threat: Tillett Wright’s million shades of gay

When Tillett Wright began her photographic project, Self Evident Truths, back in 2010 she didn’t expect the groundswell of requests for photographs that she ended up receiving. She originally wanted to shoot 4-5,000 people, but the response has led her to increase her goal to 10,000 people. “I basically decided to photograph anyone in this ...

The Canadian Progressive: Lisa Lampanelli Goes “My Nigga” and “Beyotch” About Lena Dunham

This is how Lisa Lampanelli, the self-anointed Queen of Mean, described the following photo of herself with Lena Dunham, the creator of GIRLS: “Me with my nigga @LenaDunham of @HBOGirls – I love this beyotch!!” Your take? Racist? Sexist? The Canadian Progressive recommends: RCMP’s Misogynistic Response to Galliford Sexual Harassment Claim This Global Violence Against Women ...

The Canadian Progressive: Netherlands Quakers & Mennonites Support Chief Spence and #IdleNoMore (PHOTO)

Netherlands Quakers & Mennonites sent their message of support and solidarity to hunger striker Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence and the phenomenal #IdleNoMore grassroots movement for Aboriginal rights and sovereignty: Photo via Facebook RELATED: Chief Spence says Harper government has encouraged “segregation” PETITION: British Crown Must Honour Canada-First Nations Treaties, Revoke Bill C-45, And Fire Harper & GG ...

The Scott Ross: Kate Middleton Exposes Canada’s Need For The Monarchy

Once a monarchy is to be defended like a Lindsay Lohan, the country that ultimately depends on it for stability will end up in far worse places than rehab. Besides more than enough skin, pictures of a half naked Kate Middleton have revealed why Canada still needs the monarchy. Not so much because of the ...

Canadian Progressive: An Un-Canadian Insult: Pauline Marois Portrayed As Hitler On Facebook

This is hate speech par excellence! A Facebook Page, Montreal Official, portrays incoming Quebec premier Pauline Marois as Adolph Hitler, and as asks: “How long will it take her to fuck up Quebec?” If you thought that wasn’t insulting and un-Canadian enough, try imagining 133 172 people “liking” the page. Photo: [Facebook] Now, compare the photo-shopped ...

Canadian Progressive: Pussy Riot solidarity protest: Topless Kiev activist cuts down massive crucifix

A Kiev protester joined the global Pussy Riot protest in a unique way. She went topless, grabbed a chainsaw and felled a mammoth crucifix with Jesus on it. The woman joined thousands around the world who protested the 2-year prison sentence the three members of feminist punk band, Pussy Riot, received for singing a protest ...

cartoon life: Water lily #6 for the season

I think the secret is no raccoons. Filed under: photo Tagged: water lily

LeDaro: Kate Middleton without make-up. :)

A picture in The New Republic ,the American political magazine.

cartoon life: Today’s water lily

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