OPSEU Diablogue: Linda McQuaig for Mayor?

Linda McQuaig couldn’t resist. Standing at the Mayor’s podium at the Toronto City Hall council chambers, she told the Older Canadians Network: “I have never smoked crack cocaine.” Linda McQuaig for Mayor? The author (The Trouble with Billionaires w/Neil Brooks) … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: “My office will start to unravel” – former federal budget watchdog Kevin Page

Federal Conservatives sure liked to talk about accountability while in opposition. In power? Not so much. Kevin Page, Canada’s first parliamentary budget officer, said no governments want more accountability. It’s not even a partisan issue. That puts a budget watchdog … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Living Longer, Living Well: Muddled seniors strategy undermines universality of home care

There have been fewer than the usual suspects applauding the release of Living Longer, Living Well, Dr. Samir Sinha’s anticipated recommendations for a new seniors strategy for Ontario. In the early days of 2013, maybe nobody is yet paying attention. … Continue reading →