daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: The Energy East Blame Game. Who blames who?

Today’s announcement by the TransCanada Corporation that it would no longer pursue the construction of the Energy East Pipeline from Hardisty, Albert to St. John, New Brunswick triggered a storm of statements, accusations and criticisms from politicians trying to drive their political narratives. Here is a quick look at who is blaming who for the demise ...

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Looking past pipelines, the NDP-Green agreement looks pretty good for BC

“Mark my words, that pipeline will be built, the decisions have been made.” – Alberta Premier Rachel Notley Alberta politicians, media and pundits are unsurprisingly focused on what the governing agreement between British Columbia New Democratic Party leader John Horgan and Green Party leader Andrew Weaver will mean for the future of the Kinder Morgan ...

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Len Webber: we’ll give you safe injection sites if you give us oil pipelines

In the midst of an opioid crisis that is reported to have claimed the lives of 343 Albertans in 2016, Calgary-Confederation Member of Parliament Len Webber told the House of Commons Health Committee last week that opposition to the potentially lifesaving facilities was comparable to opposition to oil pipelines. Here is what Webber said in response to Vancouver-Kingsway MP ...

Politics and its Discontents: The Youth Voice is Our Voice

If ever there was ever any doubt about the neoliberal agenda being pursued by our ‘new’ government, Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s recent comments removed all uncertainty. He asserted that precarious work is here to stay and Canadians must adapt to having a variety of jobs throughout their lives as they experience the euphemistically phrased ‘job ...

Politics and its Discontents: We Can’t Have It Both Ways

Despite Justin Trudeau’s sunny assurances that meeting greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and pipeline expansion are not mutually exclusive, most people, if they think about it at all, will see such a position as both risible and impossible. That is certainly the assessment of J. David Hughes, who writes that we can’t have it both ...

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: What President Obama said about Canada, Alberta and Climate Change

During his address to the Canadian Parliament on June 29, 2016, United States President Barack Obama singled out Alberta as a leader in the fight against climate change. Here is the excerpt from his speech where he spoke about climate change:… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Party Business

– The Wildrose constituency association in Lac La Biche-St. Paul-Two Hills passed a motion this week calling for Brian Jean to face a leadership review at the party’s annual meeting in Red Deer on October 28 and 29, 2016. That… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: One year ago today the NDP won in Alberta. The next day hell froze over.

The attention of most Albertans this week is rightfully focused on the wildfires that are raging through northern Alberta and the more than 80,000 residents of Fort McMurray who have fled to safer ground in the south. It is a… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Thank goodness we didn’t build that Firewall!

Fifteen years ago, in Jan. 2001, six prominent Conservative lobbyists and university professors, including future Prime Minister Stephen Harper and provincial cabinet minister Ted Morton, penned the Firewall Manifesto. Prime Minister Jean Chretien‘s Liberals had been re-elected to a third-term in… Continue Reading →

Politics and its Discontents: A Sordid Story

While it is yet too early to tell how the new Trudeau government will handle the environmental and climate change file, early indications are promising. Minster Catherine McKenna has said that with regard to future pipeline proposals, assessments will be “based on science” and ensure Canadians can participate in the hearings. During the campaign, the ...

Politics and its Discontents: Back To Business As Usual?

After all of the feel-good rhetoric of the Climate Summit of the Americas, held last week in Toronto, it would appear that we are back to business as usual, at least in Canada. The Globe and Mail reports the following: Canada’s premiers are poised to sign an agreement to fast-track new oil sands pipelines while ...

Politics and its Discontents: Don’t Let A Culture Of Defeat Hold You Back

That’s right, folks. There are untold opportunities to enhance both your gross domestic product and your wallets through the scourge gift of oil spills, as oil pipeline company Kinder Morgan recently explained. But of course, that ‘leftie’ Rachel Maddow looks a gift horse in the mouth as she continues to spread her dangerous ideas: Recommend ...

Politics and its Discontents: A Tale of Intimidation At TransCanada Corporation

Despite the best efforts of the Harper government to make its own addiction to the fossil fuel agenda the Canadian people’s as well, increasing numbers are voicing their concern and opposition to the expansion of the Alberta tarsands through new pipelines. And evidence is mounting that those concern are wholly justified and not simply the ...

Politics and its Discontents: Not Everyone Has Drunk The Kool-Aid: A Doctor Speaks Out On The Health Effects Of Tarsands’ Development

As reported in The Vancouver Observer, grave health risks from the Alberta tarsands are both statistically significant and deeply disturbing. A northern Alberta doctor, John O’Connor, was invited to Washington to brief two U.S. Senators who are against the proposed TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline that would carry bitumen from Alberta to Texas. O’Connor told them ...

Politics and its Discontents: That Didn’t Take Long

Bob ‘Mad Dog’ Runciman has a solution for those pesky protestors who dare embarrass the Prime Minister. Recommend this Post

LeDaro: Stephen Harper gives cold shoulder to Ban Ki-Moon on Climate Change (repost)

I did this picture in May 2010. There has been change for the worse. Now that Harper has majority he has become full time salesman for oil companies, Tar Sands, Crude-oil pipeline etc.

Politics and its Discontents: What The Harper Oil Enthusiasts Don’t Want You To Think About

This and this: Recommend this Post

CuriosityCat: Stephen Harper’s Oil Industry Mismanagement costing Canada dearly

Harper Firewall Blinkers The Harper new Tories keep plugging the line that Harper’s government is a sound manager of Canada’s economy, and is doing all the right things all the time, hoping that constant repetition will persuade Canadian voters to believe this mantra. Unfortunately for Canada, the Harper government is locked into its ideological blinders, ...

Politics and its Discontents: Is Oil Our Economic Salvation?

Interesting, isn’t it, that despite the propaganda coming out of both Alberta and the Prime Minister’s Office about oil being the economic engine and saviour of Canada, that our Western friends are finding themselves experiencing some economic malaise? Recommend this Post

Politics and its Discontents: Enbridge Apparently Spares All Expense

Unless you are one of those naive souls who believes in corporate integrity, this video should disturb you: H/t 404 System Error Recommend this Post

CuriosityCat: BC’s Premier Clark & Oil Pipelines: Globe & Mail gets it half right

In my recent post I pointed out the flaw in Premier Christy Clark’s logic regarding possible environmental damage from oil pipelines crossing BC and the export of oil by tanker. Clark aimed and fired, but shot at the wrong target. The issue is the size of potential environmental and economic damages caused by the export ...

CuriosityCat: Oil Pipelines: BC’s Christy Clark misfires; what the Liberal Party of Canada should do

Congratulations to Premier Clark for doing two things at the same time: starting a meaningful dialogue about the environmental concerns behind the export of heavy oil from Canada, and staying true to her pattern of shooting herself in the foot at the same time. However, her opening gambit is one that the LPC (and other ...