Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa to protest Crime Bill C-10 on Parliament Hill

Hundreds of activists are expected on Parliament Hill at noon on Tuesday, January 31, to protest the Harper Conservative government’s widely condemned omnibus crime Bill C-10. The protest is being organized by the Political Action …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa’s Little Remembrance Day Dilemma

The Occupy Ottawa Movement faces a little moral dilemma on Remembrance Day tomorrow: to protest or not to protest? Remembrance Day is a solemn day for Commonwealth countries. A day to remember members of the …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa Pays Tribute to Late Vancouver Occupier Ashlie Gough

(Originally Published on Occupy Ottawa website) The Occupy Ottawa Movement observed a moment of silence before its General Assembly last night to commemorate the death of Vancouver Occupier, Ashlie Gough. The 23-year-old Victoria native died …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Occupy Ottawa: We’re a Family

Who’re these activists driving the global Occupy movement? Without a single coherent message, what exactly do they want? And their agenda? These are just few of the oft-repeated questions about the hundreds of thousands of world citizens currently occupying …Read More

Canadian Progressive World: Carleton University Grad Students To Donate $300 to Occupy Ottawa

The Graduate Students’ Association at Carleton University will donate $300 to Occupy Ottawa to create a new a “Learning Commons” tent in the park. A representative of the association announced the donation during the movement’s General Assembly on Sunday. Pages: 1 2