cmkl: The Trudeau government needs to speak, take risks to oppose Trump

I’m not normally one to reach out to elected representatives. I’m happy to help others to do so but I’m shy myself. However I’m feeling a need to see big action from our government to stop the lunacy down south. So I just emailed my this to my MP, Catherine McKenna: Read more The post ...

cmkl: Outrage and shame over Québec City shooting

There is a meme going round the internet for a couple of years now showing the faces of several American terrorists — the white man who opened fire on the audience of a Batman movie. The white man who opened fire on Sandy Hook. The white man who opened fire on a Black Baptist Church. ...

cmkl: Giving back at 50

For 50 years I’ve lived a pretty comfortable, privileged life. Time to give something back. I’m giving up my birthday up to fundraise for the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Read more The post Giving back at 50 appeared first on cmkl.

cmkl: December 6th: Constant progress, constant retreat

We take consolation in disasters from the idea that society might learn something and that the horror might never recur. The war to end all wars, the massacre to end all massacres. We want to see progress to encourage ourselves to keep pushing for change. And yet we don’t want to magnify a tiny step ...

cmkl: Fake news on Facebook: what they could do to fix the dust cloud of misinformation

Fake news played a pretty significant role in influencing opinion on the recent US election, which, I note, has not gone unnoticed here in Canada. The Guardian had an interesting piece about the preponderance of lies that got circulated and re-circulated amongst both Clinton and Trump supporters. Although it notes that the Trump camp was ...

cmkl: Boy poses and girl poses

Lately it’s been bothering me and Irene that Mallory would come back from photo day with tales of how kids were being posed by gender. Read more

cmkl: For better cycling infrastructure

I am going to lose friends for saying this but I never ride the Laurier Bike Lane. I hate it. I want to see actual, safe cycling infrastructure in Ottawa, not just narrow channels designed to keep us from impeding the progress of car traffic. Read more

cmkl: Dear Canada Post, settle. Don’t be as stupid as I know you can be

Wherein I plead with Canada Post to do the sensible thing and settle. As if corporations are guided by rational thought. Read more

cmkl: N-word Rapids – get racism off the map

I was planning a bike ride on my favourite route planning app when I came across a rather shocking site. There is a place marked on Google Maps — don’t think it even has a population count — south of Maniwaki Québec called N–ger Rapids. (Sorry about the dashes. I’m not afraid to handle the word, if only to ...

cmkl: Lap the Gats – flat out bragging

Not humble bragging. Nope. Just out and out bragging. Tempered by the fact that I didn’t actually win. But I rode Lap the Gats today and came in third overall. Second in my age group.

cmkl: For fathers and men everywhere: enough rage and thuggery. Be the person you were meant to be

Between the mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando, the assassination of Jo Cox and this dude rolling on his motor, waving a gun in the air I am beside myself with rage and fear about what on earth is happening to men.

cmkl: Made it back home: a much tougher day

Rideau Lakes is done – Made it back home: a much tougher day

cmkl: Long grey day and bike as drying rack

What do you do with a forecast that calls for temperatures in the mid teens and a 40 to 60 per cent chance of rain. And what if you are supposed to ride for six plus hours in it? I spent two hours agonizing over my clothing strategy before finally settling on ‘see how it ...

cmkl: I hope I am up for this challenge

About 12 years ago, just a few years after I had discovered how much I liked riding bikes, I decided to ride the Challenge route of the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour. At the time I wanted to test my limits. After limping back to Ottawa, clinging to the wheel of a kind, stronger rider I ...

cmkl: Ride of the Dammed: the organizers and support people deserve a medal

As bike rides go, my first Ride of the Dammed was pretty good. As an adventure it was spectacular. My team endured four flats, one tire-touching ditch crash and one hospitalization. And if it hadn’t been for the ride’s organizers and support team, we’d probably still be out there.

cmkl: What’s the connection between cycling and Parkinson’s

I confess. The first time I signed up for Lap the Gats I knew nothing about the condition except that a dear friend of my cousin Sue suffered from it. Ride the A-Loop four times for Charity? You had me at ‘Ride the A-Loop’. But why Parkinson’s? There is, actually, a connection. Medical research has shown that ...

cmkl: Half way there – raising money for Parkinson’s research in Ottawa in memory of Sharon Pickle

This is Sharon Pickle. She was a cook and an educator at Glebe Parent’s Daycare since forever. She fed my daughter for several of the first few years of her life. Sharon cooked many of our pickytarian’s healthiest meals. Half way to my fundraising goal: gimme a push! Sharon at some point was diagnosed with ...

cmkl: Nyack donut pilgrimage

A 100km ride into the countryside west of Manhattan was the finale to a perfect week in New York City. And I couldn’t have done it without the Domestique. My family and I had the perfect convergence – a work gig was bringing Irene to New York, Mallory was on spring break, and I’m newly ...

cmkl: My child has a race face

My child has a race face.

cmkl: Eleven extra watts

I began my 50th year today. I had no big plans. A nice dinner with my partner and our child. Some chores. A few ‘would be goods’ on the old house to-do list. And 20 minutes of terror on the bike trainer.

cmkl: A new adventure – self employment

I’m leaving my job to go into business for myself. How can I help you?

cmkl: What a great thing we have in Gatineau Park

Fabulous ski in Gatineau Park today. Only thing is – too fast. Should have picked a longer route.

cmkl: Winning form

Mallory won her age division this afternoon at the Coupe Skinouk today. Of course I love my child no matter what and am pleased with any result so long as she tries her best. But… ah I’m totally giddy. Congratulations my darling. Irene and I are, as ever, the world’s proudest parents.

cmkl: Ten

I cannot get my head around the idea that my daughter is ten years old.

cmkl: Lobster gloves – the sequel aka why the Cyclery is awesome

So the Cyclery sorted me out, replacing my gloves with a better pair. This is why they are great.