Politics and its Discontents: Puncturing Right-Wing Mythology

I hope everyone will take five minutes to watch this video, originally considered too controversial for TED Talks. The speaker, entrepreneur Nick Hanauer, very deftly cuts through the mythology perpetuated by the right wing that the super-rich are our job creators and hence must be treated with taxation kid gloves. Recommend this Post

OPSEU Diablogue: Venture capitalist says middle class are job creators, not super rich

“In a capitalist economy the true job creators are middle class consumers,” says American venture capitalist Nick Hanauer. Delivering a “TED talk” earlier this year, Hanauer says “taxing the rich to make investments that make the middle class grow and thrive … Continue reading →

350 or bust: In A Capitalist Economy, the True Job Creators Are Middle Class

Nick Hanauer, entrepreneur and one percenter, exposes the fallacy that it’s the super rich who create jobs. He makes a strong case for taxing the rich to create benefits for the entire society, including growing the middle class. It’s good policy for everyone. Hanauer asserted that TED refused to post this video on-line on the ...

Northern Reflections: Who Creates Jobs

Yesterday, my son sent me a copy of this TED lecture. It features Nick Hanauer, an American venture capitalist, and is less than six minutes long. Hanauer did not turn my world upside down. He merely confirmed what I already believed. But his exposition was as clear as a Manitoba sky in summer. Economically, we ...