Politics and its Discontents: A Safe Bet

Mother Jones predicts that the next episode of Cosmos will inflame the climate-change deniers. I think that is a safe bet: Recommend this Post

Let Freedom Rain II: Groundswell: David Corn of Mother Jones explains how US journalists collude with conservatives to gin up phony controversies

This is a good listen. Think of Canada as ten times as corrupt when it comes to Conservatives steering the conversation their way (think Ethical Oil and Media Party). Talk about working the refs!

The Canadian Progressive: FBI “plot to identify and assassinate Occupy leaders”?

The FBI hatched a “plot to identify and assassinate Occupy leaders”? It’d seem so, according to the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund and civil liberties activists.  Information obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund via a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that the FBI: a) “collaborated with other federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland ...

Politics and its Discontents: How Romney Really Feels About the Non-Rich

A secret video from a Romney fundraiser reveals more about the presidential candidate than he probably wants people to know: The full story and additional video can be found here. Recommend this Post

Art Threat: Step Right Up to See the GOP’s Amazing War on Women

Mother Jones’ illustrator Zina Saunders takes on the GOP’s oppressive and backwards stance on women in her illustrated political cartoon this week, in which you are invited to step right up and watch the greatest circus on earth – the 2012 Republican presidential campaign. Watch it over at Mother Jones’.