PostArctica: 2 Quotes, 1 Motto and a Photograph

I think that the act of reading poetry nowadays is already an archaic, cultural activity. When we read a poem, it is tantamount to going to pioneer village in order to see somebody hammer out a horseshoe. But I would like to imagine that reading a poem would be tantamount to going to an automated ...

Politics and its Discontents: A New Year Offers New Opportunities

One of the reasons that a new year excites people, I suppose, is that it offers a psychological opportunity to start anew. Our personal world beckons with a fresh slate awaiting our new and improved imprint. The truth, however, is that despite our seeming addiction to redefining ourselves through resolutions, the majority of them are ...

PostArctica: Executive Privilege #4

PostArctica: Election Selfie

On November 5th Montreal elected its first woman mayor, Valerie Plante. I was volunteering that day and spent a couple of hours in the De l’Eglise Metro handing out voting reminders. Later on another volunteer and I were knocking on doors after 7pm (polls closed at 8). We were motivated by a powerful belief  that ...

The Canadian Progressive: Montreal’s first female mayor represents new chapter in city’s rich history

Valérie Plante, recently elected the first woman mayor of Montreal, represents a fairly radical but highly creative force in Quebec politics, argues Harold R. Chorney, a Professor of Political Economy at Concordia University. The post Montreal’s first female mayor represents new chapter in city’s rich history appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

PostArctica: Influences

There is this building on Saint Ambroise in Saint Henri   that I always refer to as the “Cartier-Bresson Building” because it reminds me of this picture. And that’s the way that works. Never be afraid to let your influences influence you!

PostArctica: 780 Saint Remi – Then and Now.

Took this picture about 7 years ago after much of the Turcot Movement had already happened. Much on my mind at that point. This was a pretty cool building inhabited by many artists. It was only 4 storeys and the lofts all had those incredible floor to ceiling windows that were actually about two storeys ...

PostArctica: Decayed Set Of Final Scene In A Film Noir

PostArctica: Dan Bern – the year-by-year home run totals of the great barry bonds

Had the pleasure once again of seeing Dan Bern in person at Turbo Haus in Saint Henri on Saturday. He played this song and I was stunned as I consider it to be one of the greatest post-” “-postmodern songs ever!

PostArctica: Graffiti In Cote Saint Paul

Industrial section.

PostArctica: Late Summer Melancholy of An Arch

Rolling on foot into Westmount today and took a pic which reminds me of Giorgio de Chirico’s Mystery and Melancholy of a Street. Here is Giorgio’s version. And here is mine. Maybe I am just crazy, getting old, but I see paintings in photographs, or, but its not a problem. The interesting thing is that ...

PostArctica: Fuck Colonialism

Stumbled upon this flash mob in Saint Henri Sunday afternoon. They stopped a passenger train. Train is stopped fairly early in its journey from out of downtown Montreal. I was there about 10 minutes and then everyone just left and it was regular pedestrian traffic again. Apparently, “They are opposed to an oil exploration project ...

PostArctica: Not Aliens

but… saw this today on Angers under the Cote Saint Paul leg of the Turcot rebuild. It does have a driver who is probably very highly paid and I wonder what exactly this thing does?  

PostArctica: Square Victoria #5

PostArctica: Three Mattresses

Things Are Good: Making the Most of Urban Laneways

Many western cities have laneways that originally were used for deliveries via horses and cart; today those laneways are under utilized. These laneways cannot always be used for housing or other normal city needs due to their limited size. They can, however, be converted to enjoyable public space. Today there’s a trend amongst some cities ...

PostArctica: NDG Gothic

Trying some new ideas, let me know what you think. NDG is a neighborhood in Montreal.

PostArctica: Bags from Columbia

Walking down a pleasant street in the north plateau the other evening and I run into this entrepreneur. Excellent quality handmade goods made in Columbia. Check them out on Facebook here!

PostArctica: Garden In Verdun

Interesting watering system.

PostArctica: Walk A Lot, Read A Lot

Taking a break in La Fontaine Park.

PostArctica: Rainbow in Montreal Today

It rained all day. The sun came out for a while.

PostArctica: The Giants in Montreal

Went downtown today to check out the giant marionettes that are dominating the scene in the city this weekend. It is pretty cool because the crew that accompanies each giant are energized and organized much like a Cirque du Soleil act. The down side of this is that it really is like watching a one ...

Tattered Sleeve: Amazing Che

Amazing ChéHow sweet the soundOf Habs fans leaving their seats In the K, he was lostBut with the CH, was foundWe give praise to Bergevin ‘Twas Captain K that taughtThe PP to clickLeko and BBQ, my FHFears relievedHow precious did that CHé appearThe OT I first believed Through many Rangers, and Arrogant Fuckface Our boys ...

PostArctica: Trees Cut Down In Verdun

It was inevitable were they going to proceed with the poorly conceived beach project on the Verdun waterfront, but it turns out that even though the city has recently said that the project has been postponed, a large swath of trees has been cut down on the proposed beach site. So my question today is ...

PostArctica: There Are Memories Everywhere