Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Mexican Nightmare

He launched his campaign like an angry orange Hitler on steroids, by calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists, vowing to immediately deport 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Build a great wall along the southern border, and make Mexico pay for it.

But when Donald Trump realized he was alienating moderate Republicans and his polls were starting to resemble a rapidly deflating piñata, he decided he should moderate his image.

So off to Mexico he went…
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Bill Longstaff: A green NAFTA? Is it possible?

It isn’t much but it’s promising. Last Friday, Canada, the United States and Mexico signed a memorandum of understanding that could lead to a North American accord on climate change and clean energy. According to the CBC story, "This essentially kickstarts the detailed, behind the scenes work needed for a continent-wide agreement that will enable all three countries to work together on clean

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Things Are Good: Taxing Sugary Water Works

Beverages infused with copies amounts of sugar like Pepsi or Coke aren’t good for you health. When an entire nation consumes too much then public health suffers greatly. This has many governments looking into how they can stymie this overconsumption of unhealthy drinks. One solution is taxing soda sales. in 2014 the Mexican government started […]

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