Dead Wild Roses: What Men Are Really Saying – Sidewalk Harassment.

I suggest stop being like these guys and try a new fanciful tact – treating women with the respect and the dignity that you as a dude get by default.     Filed under: Feminism Tagged: Feminism, Harassment, Male Privilege

Dead Wild Roses: Feminist Quote of the Day – On Slutwalks

  The Feminist Current is a great site for understanding and staying up to date with feminism in Canada.   This quote is from the conclusion of an article about the Vancouver Slutwalk, but addresses what many feminists find problematic about what Slutwalks are about.  The italics are mine. “Despite numerous criticisms, it appears as thought ...

Dead Wild Roses: Rape Culture – We live it.

Oh pish-posh!  What is Arb going on about now?  You see bro’s it kinda goes like this.  You dudes, especially the liberal progressive privileged ones,  often don’t have a fucking clue about what feminism is or why it has come about or some of the neat things that LWD never get to experience.  Yes, believe ...

Dead Wild Roses: Rape Culture – You still don’t get it, do you?

This comment jumped out at me from a thread I was perusing at Captain  I commiserate with the author to a certain extent, as the post as it describes so much of the frustration I have to put up with attempting to educate people about basic facts of our culture.  My frustration is nothing ...

Dead Wild Roses: Hey White Guys… A DWR PSA.

  Well no not really, but his message is spot on.   Filed under: Gender Issues Tagged: Male Privilege, Patriarchy