Dead Wild Roses: Way to Go Legolas

We try to replicate what we see in our society and media. We as a society need to stop portraying women in media as mere eye candy for the male-gaze. Of course, if you happen to be Legolas, the rules do not apply. 🙂 Filed under: Culture, Feminism Tagged: F*cking Legolas, Male Gaze, Media

Dead Wild Roses: You Can Draw Female Superheros Without a Boob Window? Unpossible.

I guess it is possible. Pandering to the male-gaze has been the industry standard for all too long. Time to shake things up in my honest opinion. Filed under: Culture Tagged: Boob Window, Female Objectification, Heroes, Male Gaze

Dead Wild Roses: The Male Gaze and Female Armour – Star Wars and GoT

   It is nice to see that the revived Star Wars franchise is moving in the right direction with regards to the portrayal of women in movies.  Because most of the time we get this:    Titillating for the male gaze, but piss-poor at the actual function of armour. Filed under: Culture Tagged: Baby Steps, ...

Dead Wild Roses: #Women are not Objects – The Experience is Different for Women and Men

   Insight time folks.  Many thanks to Alicen Gray for this. “I often catch men in public checking me out with eyes full of lust, until they see the hair on my legs – at which point, they resort to a theatrical display of disgust. I’ve eavesdropped on groups of college-age guys talking about how ...

Dead Wild Roses: Feminist Quote of the Day – On Pleasing the Menz

  “Here’s the thing. Men in our culture have been socialized to believe that their opinions on women’s appearance matter a lot. Not all men buy into this, of course, but many do. Some seem incapable of entertaining the notion that not everything women do with their appearance is for men to look at. This ...

Dead Wild Roses: Feminist Quote of the Day – Objectification, More than Just Pictures

  “It is because society tells us that women are objects, not subjects, that when society is presented with a case of male violence or sexual abuse, everyone looks at it from his point of view: “Oh, he must have been provoked to have done that,” “He was a nice man who just snapped,” “He ...

Dead Wild Roses: The Male Gaze – Meghan Murphy slams the Globe and Mail

   Wow, ran across the Feminist Current and Meghan Murphy is knocking them out of the park with great articles such as this one tearing into one of Canada’s national newspapers, the Globe and Mail, for taking the well travelled low road of misogyny.   I just have the highlights here, but you should go ...

Dead Wild Roses: Have a Happy Patriarchal Halloween

That whole male-gaze/female objectification thing is soooooo out to lunch.   Go to the Tumblr to see the rest. Filed under: Feminism Tagged: Feminism, Halloween, Male Gaze, Objectification of women, Sexist Costumes

Dead Wild Roses: Pornland – Gail Dines

Gail Dines is a powerful speaker on the topic of Feminism and pornography.  Watch and learn folks. Part I Filed under: Education, Feminism Tagged: Feminism, Male Gaze, Patriarchy, Pornography

Dead Wild Roses: Objectification of Women – Tour de Fail

Thanks for pointing that out Sociological Images. “[…][A]nother over-the-top example of the objectification of female athletes. The commercial is for RoadID, a company that sells “identification gear.” Autumn saw it while watching the Tour de France; she found this shortened version online, which she says actually features less objectification than the original did. The main ...