Michal Rozworski: Beltway Bullshit, my interview with JW Mason on Bernie’s economics

My interview with JW Mason on how wonk critics of Sanders’ economic ideas reinforce low expectations was transcribed for Jacobin under the great title, “Beltway Bullshit.” Michal Rozworski: There’s been a big debate recently around Bernie Sanders’s economic ideas. It was precipitated by Gerald Friedman’s claim that Sanders’s plans would lead to 5 percent nominal economic growth over a ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Ask General Kang: How do I make myself look attractive on a dating site?

Your human mating rituals are really quite amusing. Dating sites are so passé on my homeworld of Neecknaw. Instead of dating sites, we have two bi-weekly “Gathering of the Gonads” in which our eligible primates are displayed in natural habitats— … Continue reading →