Peace, order and good government, eh?: Just wondering

Glen McGregor at the Ottawa Citizen put an article up yesterday to report on spending by unions on federal election advertising. Using "newly-released financial reports" which are filed with Elections Canada McGregor can tell us, for example: Among the biggest advertisers was the Public Service Alliance of Canada, which spent $134,000, mostly on a radio blitz the day before Canadians went to the polls. In the week before voting day, PSAC launched radio ads encouraging Canadians to vote in support of the public service, with spots heard on radio stations in Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and elsewhere. PSAC also paid for lawn signs in Miramichi, New Brunswick, encouraging voting for "Anyone but Tilly" — a reference to local Conservative MP Tilly O’Neill-Gordon. PSAC targeted the riding because of fears that unionized employees who work on the federal gun registry would be laid off. O’Neill-Gordon was re-elected, despite PSAC’s efforts. That’s quite a bit of detail and it’s important to note that it’s not based on leaks nor did it require having a mole to infiltrate the secret weekly meetings in which the union bosses plot world domination. The information is freely available through reporting requirements that are already in place….

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