Looking for Dr. Goodpain? Check the Reflection in the Mirror Dr. Krugman

Far be it from me to cast a pox on what has been one of the only few bright lights in the last few years but premises matter.  In Krugman’s recent Looking for Mr. Goodpain  he presents a reasonable derision of those pushing austerity in the face of zero evidence it actually works to restore ...

CHAPTER 8: The Miserable Metrics of Neoliberalism

Conclusion to Chapter 8 Consistent with the main line of argument in this thesis then, is the proposition that labour market flexibilisation is the other side of the neoliberal policy coin; namely, price stability and conservative fiscal policy all locked in via the globalisation of production and finance.  In this sense, neoliberalism as a hegemonic ...

How to read economic language for bias: “wage inflation” in Newfoundland and Labrador

Sometimes we read things and we get that gut feeling that we are being subtly manipulated.  Economics is of course full of this subtle manipulation.  Words like “choice”, and “efficiency” and even phrases like “free trade,” “efficient markets” and my … Continue reading →

The poverty trap for real

Poverty is of course about a lack of money, but it is also about a lack of resources both in the cultural and social sense. I live in a small village of 1800 citizens.  Outside of myself, the retired doctor … Continue reading →

The irony of greed: The end game for Neoliberalism?

The global economy is in the toilet and the Boomers’ representatives are chanting: “flush, flush, flush.”  Me? I am eating cigarettes and wine while admiring the remarkable consistency in the myopia of all of it. In the name of fiscal … Continue reading →

The Sensitivity Problem and the Social Sciences: Warn your students

This is a problem I am sure almost anyone who works with data runs into form time to time.  It is also something we need to teach our students.  Which I am sure we all do.  This post is simply … Continue reading →

A rotting fruit that does not give vent to its own demand?

Given we seem to be stuck in fairly heady economic times it seems worthwhile to me to put out another post on the subject of employment, labour force growth and unemployment. In this post I am going to revisit the … Continue reading →

UBC economist Milligan throws cake at educated, unemployed youth

I tuned into a rebroadcast of this morning’s the CBC’s the Current while cleaning the kitchen this evening which had an unusually good documentary on the problem of youth unemployment; specifically, the problem of university undergrads in finding jobs.  As … Continue reading →

The insanity of Canada’s non-existent domestic labour training regime

Canada does not have nationally coordinated labour training regime. Why does this matter? Just take a look at what is going on in Alberta. There the oil patch is gearing up for record labour shortages and the federal government is … Continue reading →