BigCityLib Strikes Back: Enbridge Cleans Up

The fellow in the vid is John Bolenbaugh, a one-time employee of SET Environmental, a company Enbridge hired to clean up their Kalamazoo spill.  He sued  them for wrongful dismissal, and won, and is now going after Enbridge itself.  Note that the story was written before the NTSB report that’s been in the news so much this week.

DeSmogBlog: Must Read Muckrake on the Whistleblower Behind the Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline Spill

feature_enbridgemain.jpg On a midsummer evening in July of 2010, heavy crude started gushing from a 30-inch pipeline into Talmadge Creek, near Marshall, Michigan. By the next morning, heavy globs of oil soon were coating the Kalamazoo River, into which the Talmadge flows, and the stench of petroleum filled the air. Enbridge, the Canadian company that owns ...