Dead Wild Roses: The Peaceable World.

I do love me some infographics.  Go to Vision of Humanity to see all the stats and the overall peace rankings for countries of the world.  Care to guess to see if yours is on the list?  I’ve got the top 10 most peaceful countries and the bottom 10 of that same scale below the ...

Dead Wild Roses: World Wide Use of Contraceptives – Guttmacher Institute

  A trouble situation for women around the world.  No thanks to religion. 😛   Filed under: Education, Feminism Tagged: Contraception, Infographics, Women

drive-by planet: CNN infographic puts eastern Ukraine city of Slavyansk in… Crimea: American geo-illiteracy

A CNN infographic (above) that appeared during a news broadcast covering the pull-out of self-defense fighters from Slavyansk and Kramatorsk got it badly wrong. The infographic placed the city of Slavyansk, not in eastern Ukraine where it is located, but in western Crimea… which has since joined the Russian Federation. Where Slavyansk is actually found ...

Art Threat: Infographic: equal education, unequal pay

It’s 2012 and close to four years after the Lilly ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed into law in the United States. Surely, the gender wage gap has been closed, right? Wrong. Even with moves toward equalizing pay between men and women, men still make almost 20% more than women in nearly all industries. This ...

Art Threat: Carbon Visuals illustrates the serious state of climate change

Since 1991, nearly 14,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles have been published on the topic of climate change. Of those, a mere 24 reject human-caused global warming. Despite the overwhelming evidence that climate change is, in fact, real, there is still a need for highly effective communications tools to educate the public on the dire importance of ...

bastard.logic: Fun With Infographics (Ethical Oil Edition)

Via Matt Price @ HuffPo Canada:

bastard.logic: Fun With Infographics: Measuring the Mulcair Bump

Via The G&M: ‘Nuff said.