Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Friday Choral Interlude – Four Strong Winds

This is a nice arrangement for choir of the Ian Tyson Canadian classic song.  Our choir is also sing this, the only downside being is that we only have six men.  Very jealous of the balance this choir has. Filed under: Music Tagged: Canada Content, Four Strong Winds, Ian Tyson, The DWR Friday Choral Interlude

Alberta Diary: Is nothing sacred? Turbulent pastor jumps to the front of Calgary’s Stampede Parade!

Pastor Artur Pawlowski and members of his flock march at the head of the Calgary Stampede Parade on Friday. Below: Pastor Pawlowski with Alberta Solicitor-General Jonathan Denis. Below that: Pastor Pawlowski with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. All photos grabbed from Facebook pages belonging to Pastor Pawlowski or his Calgary Street Ministries. Artur Pawlowski, Calgary’s most ...