Those Emergency Blues: Five Feet of Fabulous!

Your colon, of course. What else? A funny, retro animation produced by the Canadian Cancer Society to start a colonversation on colon health. Also features a few fart gags and uses the word “poop”, in case you’re a delicate flower. (And who doesn’t like fart jokes? My mother-in-law does, anyway. Don’t ask.) Filed under: Advertising […]

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Law is Cool: Should You Go to Law School?

The decision whether you should go to law school is fraught with complicated pros and cons, including opportunities, finances, salaries, and personal goals. Finally some anonymous law student has created a comprehensive site to help potential law students in evaluating all of these different factors. Read more about Should you go to law school on […]

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EclecticLip: Training week…

(originally written Jan 25)

I’m in training pretty much the whole week — which fact one of my horoscopes must’ve predicted.  I mean, there are so many of them floating out there, that one of them must’ve been right!
The past couple days covered FMEA, an engineering topic so obscure I’ll give the unabbreviated name (Failure Modes […]

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