Impolitical: It matters

Just wanted to pick up on a thought in Warren Kinsella’s post on the release of the Auditor General’s report today: “Lying liars.”

The Auditor General’s report has confirmed what came up during the election, that there was serious non-disclosure to Pa…

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Impolitical: Sneaky

Updated (Sunday a.m.) below.

File under things that might have been inflammatory during a federal election that are now being rolled out and are objectionable.
The Canadian military is in talks to establish a permanent presence in up to seven foreign…

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Impolitical: Today in Rae

Today marked the return of Parliament with the election of the new Speaker this afternoon. Life in the Harper majority era is formally beginning. Just want to note a few observations from the past 24 hours here in terms of Rae’s debut as interim leader…

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Impolitical: You go, Bob

(source)A little bit of hope after a tough month. Bob Rae is now officially confirmed as Liberal interim leader. “That means our party has to become, which it has always been at its best, a bit of a movement, a movement for change, a movement for prog…

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