Politics and its Discontents: With Apologies, Another Post On Tim Hudak

I have to admit that I grow increasingly tired of and bored with young Tim Hudak, the boy who would be Ontario’s next premier. Yet because his duplicitous tactics and rhetoric provide such a window into the sordid world of Conservative politics, sometimes I just hold my nose and plod on. But I promise to ...

Politics and its Discontents: Oh Tim, Why Don’t You Stop Bothering Us?

When considering the political motivations of Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak, the boy who would be premier, there seem to be only two possibilities: he is either an indefatigable demagogue appealing to the same kind of folks (a.k.a. Ford nation) who blindly support Toronto mayor Rob Ford, or he truly believes the nonsense he ...

Politics and its Discontents: On The Minimum Wage And Tim Hudak’s ‘Bold’ Plan For Ontario

Continuing on with the theme of the minimum wage, which groups in both Canada and the United States are demonstrating to significantly increase, The Star had a good letter in yeterday’s edition that points out the hidden costs of having so many working for poverty-level remuneration. Fight poverty, boost wages, Editorial Sept. 18 The Star ...

Politics and its Discontents: Canada, Doesn’t This Sound Familiar?

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Politics and its Discontents: No Free Ride

I do hope young Tim Hudak enjoys this brief video, directed by Bruce McDonald: Recommend this Post