CuriosityCat: Justin Trudeau: Latest poll debunks Quebec myth about Trudeaus

Justin Trudeau – The Healer? The good news for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals just keeps pouring in, with the latest Decima poll showing that the Trudeau name is poison in Quebec is a myth: The latest Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey released Friday says 36 per cent of those who took part in the

CuriosityCat: Harris-Decima Poll: Has Thomas Mulcair’s waffling cost NDP support?

Has Mulcair’s waffling caused voters to start a fresh appraisal of the Mulcair-led Dippers? That just might be the case according to the latest poll showing slippage: Waffling Thomas A new poll gives the governing party a seven-point lead over the Opposition New Democrats — a cushion they may need if a second omnibus budget ...