Things Are Good: Sweden Ran Out of Garbage

Late last year Sweden ran out of garbage which caused problems in their energy network. In an ironic step, Sweden’s efficient waste diversion programs are so good that their trash-burning power plants couldn’t find anything to burn. To keep electricity flowing they turned to neighbour Norway for their trash. Let’s hope that these waste-diversion programs ... New neighbours, old garbage

Remember when you were a little kid, and a new family would move onto your street? You’d stand there watching the moving truck being unloaded, looking for clues about the children, how old they were, and what sex, hoping they’d have one just like you, someone with the potential to be your new best friend. ...

350 or bust: A Saturday Break From The Usual Garbage

It’s Saturday and we’re going to take a break from the usual petroleum lobby garbage that we discuss on this blog, and take a look at another kind: Have a great Saturday!

Art Threat: South African designer creates sun shades from scraps

Approached by the Harare International Festival of the Arts in Zimbabwe to produce a public work for their event, South African designer Heath Nash built shade structures using scrap materials — largely discarded beverage containers. Breathing new life into discarded bottles of Fanta and Castle Lager, Nash worked with a team of five local craft ... The next Open Data battle: Advancing Policy & Innovation through Standards

With the possible exception of weather data, the most successful open data set out there at the moment is transit data. It remains the data with which developers have experimented and innovated the most. Why is this? Because it’s been standardized. Ever since Google and the City of Portland creating the General Transit Feed Specification ...

LeDaro: Ezra Levant talks Garbage

Sun T.V. Breaking news. Toronto privatizes garbage collection. Levant thinks it is a great beginning to privatize government services. He devoted a significant part of his one hour program, The Source, to the Garbage Issue. Unfortunately I could not get the actual video but this should give you some idea of his priorities.

THE FIFTH COLUMN: Ottawa’s Green Bin Program – Time for City Council to Lead

An Open Letter to Ottawa City Council and Residents RE: Residential Solid Waste Service Level Review RecommendationsThis open letter is being posted on my blog, The Fifth Column ( ) and being sent via email to the the following city councillors:Jim.Watson@ottawa.caAllan.Hubley@ottawa.caMarianne.Wilkinson@ottawa.caDavid.Chernushenko@ottawa.caThere is a time for politicians to follow and a time for politicians to ...