LeDaro: Oppa Harper Style – Air Farce – Harper version of Gangnam style

LeDaro: Long Awaited: "Stephen Harper Style" or "Gangnam Style"

LeDaro: CBC’s Peter Mansbridge sings Gangnam Style

Peter Mansbridge busted out his best dance moves in a parody video of the South Korean pop song Gangnam Style, alongside members of the Ontario-based Stratford Shakespeare Festival. UN chief Ban Ki-moon did not want to left behind.

LeDaro: Romney Dances ‘Gangnam Style’

I was going to do a video on Romney dancing ‘Gangnam Style’ but I found this one on YouTube. It is a fun video. Enjoy. Here is a one for Obama doing ‘Gangnam Style’ dancing.

LeDaro: This man can sing ‘Gangnam Style’!

Warning: It may cause fear. The Huffington Post.