Tech entrepreneur on Bill C-51: “A betrayal of Conservative values, and a betrayal of Canadian values.”

The Canadian tech entrepreneur who donated $1 million to fight against C-51 explains why this is such a dangerous legislation. The Tyee: Canada should get tough on political crimes, say watchdogs

Lots of politicians talk “tough on crime”. But what about crimes committed by the government itself, such as illegal surveillance?  Article by Jeremy Nuttall for The Tyee A new round of Conservative Party advertisements return to a familiar tough-on-crime refrain. read more Elizabeth May Responds to Open Letter Against C-51 from Margaret Atwood & over 300 Canadian artists

Earlier this month, we released an open letter from Margaret Atwood and over 300 Canadian artists speaking out about Bill C-51. Today we have received a response from the Elizabeth May and the Green Party, showing their support for our call. The Green Party has a positive track record on Bill C-51, as they were ... Here’s why this independent conservative candidate opposes C-51

It’s great to see candidates from all political stripes standing against C-51. Check out what independent Conservative candidate for Cariboo-Prince George Sheldon Clare has to say: – Check out the full interview at Vice Guest Blog by Connie Fournier: With the TPP, Harper has “betrayed the core principles of conservatism”

Here is a guest blog from principled conservative Connie Fournier, co-founder of Free Dominion and long-standing supporter of OpenMedia. Connie looks at how the Trans-Pacific Partnership contravenes core conservative principles, and how the government’s refusal to publish the text means Canadians are forced to vote blindly on October 19. A few months ago I wrote an article where I said ... Why Internet Users Should be Very Angry about the TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) exploded onto the Canadian media landscape last week, when negotiators from the 12 participating countries finally agreed on a deal. Even if you were paying attention, you might not have heard about the impacts on the Internet, since much of the focus was on the farming and auto sectors. But the ... Geist: How the TPP Puts Canadian Privacy at Risk

Despite the secrecy, we know from leaked documents that the TPP would give Big Media the power to invade citizen’s privacy. This is one of its most troubling but largely ignored effects. Learn more below and speak out at Article by Michael Geist The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive trade agreement that covers nearly 40 ... This Monday, let’s get out the vote! Here’s all you need to know

It’s finally here! After the longest campaign in Canadian history, it’s time to cast your vote. This election, the stakes couldn’t be higher on protecting your rights to privacy and free expression, closing the digital divide, and protecting our digital future. It could decide our Internet freedom for generations. If enough people get out to ... Your Daily Digital Digest for Friday, October 16, 2015

Your news links for today: TPP: Spying, Blocking, and the Internet – CANADALAND Podcast The NDP’s Confusion on Copyright Term: Is Term Extension on their Agenda? – Michael Geist Entertainment Distributors’ Push For Site-Blocking Power Get More Extreme – EFF It’s not enough that Apple and Google are bringing usable crypto to the world – ... Alphabeatic: Say hello to the newest net neutrality advocate: Rogers

File this under weird. Rogers is one of the worst traffic throttlers and #NetNeutrality violators in Canada – but now they’re coming out in support of the open Internet? What do you think? Are is the vertically-integrated giant just trying to protect their radio stations? Article by Peter Nowak for Alphabeatic read more CBC: Trans-Pacific Partnership text won’t be available before election

Trade Minister Ed Fast rows back on the promise that Canadians would see the #TPP text before the election. Speak out against this secretive, internet-censoring deal:  Article by CBC News Canadians won’t be able to see the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal before they vote. read more Your Daily Digital Digest for Thursday, October 15, 2015

Your news links for today: Fred Ghahramani, Tech Entrepreneur, Donates $1 Million To Defeat Bill C-51 – Huffington Post Trans-Pacific Partnership text won’t be available before election – CBC News Leaked docs reveal TPP will force ISPs to hand over copyright infringers’ identities – BGR Say hello to the newest net neutrality advocate: Rogers – ... Globe: Rural communities get gigabit Internet: ‘We went from the dark ages to highest-speed Internet available’

Great to see when rural communities in Canada get the high-speed Internet they deserve! Check out our Report Card to see where the parties stand on tackling this problem: Article by Tracy Hanes for The Globe and Mail For decades, Scugog Township, a rural community of 22,500 residents in Ontario’s Durham Region, has depended ... VancityBuzz: 18 awesome early voter photos from Instagram

It might surprise you, but people vote when they think everyone else is voting.  This election is the most important Internet users have ever faced. The stakes couldn’t be higher for affordable Internet access, online privacy, and free expression. Don’t miss out, make sure your voice is heard! Article by VancityBuzz A record number of ... Guest Blog: The Government’s War on Privacy

Here is a guest blog from Tim Moen, leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, and a candidate in the riding of Calgary-Signal Hill. In this piece, Tim discusses how the current government have systematically undermined our privacy rights, and how voters in his largely conservative riding are looking for an alternative to the Conservative ... Your Daily Digital Digest for Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Your news links for today: If You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Crazy – The Atlantic Defendants Should Have the Right to Inspect the Software Code Used to Convict Them – Slate Sanders would ‘absolutely’ end NSA spying – The Hill Why the TPP Creates a Backdoor Copyright Takedown System in Canada – Michael Geist How the ... Toronto Star: Cellphone bill too high? Here’s what the political parties would do about it

Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the world for Internet and cell phone service – and if you live in rural or northern Canada, you may not even have reliable service at all. So which candidate do you think will lower your cellphone bill? Learn more below and check out our Report Card ... Geist: Why the TPP Creates a Backdoor Copyright Takedown System in Canada

Here’s why the TPP represents a significant change to copyright and the Internet in Canada. Learn more below and speak out while there’s still time at Article by Michael Geist The 2012 Canadian copyright reform law featured several “made in Canada” provisions that the Conservative government touted as striking a better balance than rules ... Guest Blog: How Canadian students are speaking out against C-51

A student movement is demanding an end to Canada’s system of secret and pervasive mass surveillance. Aaron Gluck Thaler, the director of the Student Coalition for Privacy, explains who benefits from Bill C-51 and why it needs to be repealed. A version of this piece was originally published by Ricochet. In the four short months ... Boing Boing: making sense of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a Canadian election perspective

The TPP prioritizes the interests of Old Media conglomerates ahead of that of Internet users. If you care about the Internet, Canadian politics, privacy, copyright, transparency and the upcoming election, you should read this and speak out at Article by Cory Doctorow for Boing Boing The current Canadaland podcast (MP3) carefully parses out the ... WikiLeaks release of TPP Intellectual Property chapter confirms agreement threatens Canada’s Internet freedom

tpp-leak.jpg Confirmed: retroactive 20 year copyright term extensions, new rules that would induce ISPs to block websites, and criminal penalties for the circumvention of digital locks October 9, 2015 – This morning, WikiLeaks released the final version of the TPP’s Intellectual Property Chapter, just days after Trade Minister Ed Fast’s promise to release “a provisional ... The TPP Agreement Is Not A Free Trade Agreement, It’s A Protectionist Anti-Free Trade Agreement

The TPP isn’t about free trade, it’s about protectionism on a global scale. But protections for who?   Written by and for Techdirt We’ve pointed out a few times in the past that while everyone refers to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement as a “free trade” agreement, the reality is that there’s very little in there ... Dems vow to keep net neutrality riders out of funding bill

It looks like our pressure is working! A week ago, Big Telecom tried (and failed) to destroy the open web by sneaking new slow lane powers into a bill that has nothing to do with the Internet – thanks in part to pressure the OpenMedia community. And now Democrats in the U.S. Congress are saying if they ... Four political parties. One digital future.

This morning OpenMedia released our crowdsourced 2015 Election Report Card, grading each of the national parties on how their plans measure up to our action plan for the Internet. With the election just around the corner, we wanted to make sure that you have all of the information that you need to cast an informed ... Revealed: Which party gets the worst grade for digital policies on affordable access, online privacy, and free expression?

report_img2.png As digital rights issues including the TPP and Bill C-51 continue to play major election role, OpenMedia publishes crowdsourced report card assessing the leading parties on policy priorities shaped by over 250,000 Canadians October 8, 2015 – Days after the announcement of a major Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, and with Bill C-51 and mass surveillance ...