CRTC’s options to filter unwanted phone calls lacking: critic

We all hate those daily telemarketing calls. What’s the CRTC doing to protect consumers? Not much, apparently.  Article by Jonathan Ore for CBC News The CRTC published a list on Friday of features Canadian telecom customers can use to help protect themselves from unsolicited or telemarketing calls.  read more Geist: Signing vs. Ratifying: Unpacking the Canadian Government Position on the TPP

When it comes to Canada’s position on the TPP, we hear too often people confusing the the implications of reaching an agreement-in-principle, signing the text, and ratifying the deal. Digital policy expert Michael Geist explains the difference: Article by Michael Geist read more Your Daily Digital Digest for Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Your news links for today: Signing vs. Ratifying: Unpacking the Canadian Government Position on the TPP – Michael Geist Paris attacks put Canada’s Internet privacy laws at risk: Geist – Toronto Star Don’t Blame Encryption for ISIS Attacks – MIT Technology Review Ban Encryption? It’s an Impossible Idea Whose Time Will Never Come – Reason ... OpenMedia and the TPP: taking the fight to D.C.

Last week, OpenMedia joined a huge coalition of groups protesting the TPP in Washington, DC. The call to action, issued by FlushTheTPP brought together organizations and individuals from across the US and international allies who are continuing to protest how the secretive TPP steals domestic decision-making power out of the hands of the people and ... MacLeans: Craig Forcese on how our anti-terror laws make Canadians less safe

Leading privacy expert Craig Forcese: “If anything, Paris underlines the need to organize our national security apparatus in the most efficient manner possible.” Article by Evan Solomon for Macleans In the wake of the attacks in Beirut and Paris, the debate about security has become urgent. The French government has given its police new security ... Your Daily Digital Digest for Monday, November 23, 2015

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Innocent citizens are inevitably and inarguably caught up in the StingRay’s dragnet – an explicit violation of our privacy rights. Here’s some positive precedent from our heighbours in the south.  Article by Cyrus Farivar for Arstechnica read more Civil society calls on Trudeau to talk to Canadians about C-51

The recent attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Mali have left the world shaken. Here at OpenMedia, as elsewhere, it’s been an emotional time, as we worry about our friends overseas going through tragedy and adversity. read more Bell is lobbying the Canadian government for a “free pass” from new customer protection rules

Bell Canada (BCE Inc.) is rolling the dice on a political gamble that, if successful, will mean the death of affordable Internet access for Canadian households and businesses. On October 21, The Globe and Mail reported that BCE Inc. was appealing to the then freshly-elected Trudeau government, asking the incoming cabinet to overturn a pro-customer July ruling from the ... Press Progress: Will Canada actually have a "full and open" debate on the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Now that the TPP deal is out, it’s time for an open debate.  Article by PressProgress What the heck is going on with the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Do you know? If you thought Canada was set to have a “full and open” debate on the merits of the TPP, along with a “fulsome and responsible discussion” in the ... Ottawa Citizen: Groups want broad public consultations on anti-terror law

Civil liberty groups and experts are looking forward to an open consultation on C-51. Over to you, Minister Trudeau.  Article by Ian Macleod for the Ottawa Citizen A coalition of about a dozen civil liberty and privacy protection organizations is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to launch broad public consultations on planned reforms to ... Your Daily Digital Digest for Friday, November 20, 2015

Your news links for today: Will Canada actually have a “full and open” debate on the Trans-Pacific Partnership? – Press Progress Listen to Canadians before reforming Bill C-51, joint open letter urges Trudeau – ThinkPol Trans-Pacific Partnership Would Harm User Rights and the Commons – Creative Commons Has the TPP Ended the Crypto Wars? Hardly. ... Civil society groups call on Trudeau to launch full public consultation before introducing C-51 reforms

300k_c51.jpg Organizations and academic experts say that following last week’s tragic events in Paris, it’s especially important that the government consult Canadians before introducing its C-51 reform package November 20, 2015 – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to listen to Canadians before bringing forward a reform package on Bill C-51. That’s the message set out ... U.S. President Obama confirms Canada will sign the TPP…?

This morning U.S. President Barack Obama declared that Canada and the U.S. will both “soon be signatories” to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). read more CBC: After Paris, there will be no stopping the surveillance state now

No culture of fear is going to make us sacrifice our privacy. Article by Neil Macdonald for CBC News An old acquaintance who spent years in Canada’s secret world, where he developed a you-don’t-know-the-half-of-it smile, regularly sends me taunting emails and links.   read more Your Daily Digital Digest for Thursday, November 19, 2015

Your news links for today: Baseless Calls to Expand Surveillance Fit Familiar, Cynical Pattern – EFF U.S. Mass Surveillance Has No Record of Thwarting Large Terror Attacks, Regardless of Snowden Leaks – The Intercept After Endless Demonization Of Encryption, Police Find Paris Attackers Coordinated Via Unencrypted SMS – Techdirt TPP is a MUCH bigger threat ... CBC: What Facebook and Twitter ban: New tool tracks social media censorship

Have you ever had a post removed from Facebook,Twitter or Instagram?  Whether it’s removing photos of women breastfeeding, or political speech being banned, social media sites get to decide what is and isn’t acceptable on their services.  But this week, a group of researchers is launching a new tool for reporting instances of social media censorship.  read more Biv: From IP to privacy – why TPP is ‘potentially dangerous’ for B.C. tech sector

The government was out of touch with the tech and innovation-driven sectors during the TPP negotiations. But these are the sectors that will be most affected by it. We hope Justin Trudeau​ listens to them now. Tell him to reject the TPP before it becomes law: read more Globe and Mail: How Bill C-51 may change under Trudeau’s government

We will not be governed by fear. We won’t let reactions and fear destroy our civil liberties. When it comes to privacy and security, we know there is a balance to be struck and we want to have that conversation. How do you think recent events in Paris will impact privacy and surveillance here in ... Geist: Tax Season TransPacific Partnership puts Canadian IT at disadvantage

Listen to digital policy expert Michael Geist on why the TPP is a bad deal for Canada.  Article by CBC News Digital guru Michael Geist says the TransPacific Partnership trade agreement has a “made in America” approach to the technology sector that may well put Canadian companies at a disadvantage. read more Your Daily Digital Digest for Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Sadly, it hasn’t taken long for the spy agencies to start using the Paris attacks to push their anti-privacy agenda. Here’s why we shouldn’t let fear undermine our democratic values. Article by Trevor Timm for The Guardian   Government officials are wasting no time in attempting to exploit the tragedy in Paris to pass invasive ... Your Daily Digital Digest for Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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You may or may not live in the European Union but many of your favourite websites (and the tech that runs them) do. Decision-makers in Europe are considering proposals to make users and websites liable for every single link we post. The same goes for online service providers which host user-based content. Not only would ... Internet users set to flood public consultation to push back against proposals that would censor free speech and shut down Right to Link

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 16.21.33.png European Commission consultation on the role of online platforms could result in a costly new ‘Link Tax’ and monitoring of billions of posts a day by online services November 17, 2015 – Civil society and digital rights groups are sounding the alarm about a public consultation run by the European ...