Outtakes from the NDP Leadership Convention

The Krellant Evening News brings you the deleted scenes from our special report on the NDP Leadership Convention. Every wondered about the NDP’s position on the weaponization of space, or how they plan on stealing the nation’s baby’s? Cat Reporter brings you the truth on these hot-button issues, and more! And Frank just can’t seem ... A Very Krellant Kristmas

In this special Christmas episode of The Krellant, Frank Feltman tells a story of holiday mishap, and his rescue from one unlikely cat…in verse! Krellant Special on Climate Change

In the latest edition of The Krellant Evening News, Cat Reporter is at the helm while Frank is out in the field interviewing Matthew Paterson, a farmer—err, university professor—about the latest round of climate change talks. Of course Cat Reporter brings in his own Cat Expert to ensure “fair and balanced” coverage of the issue… Frank’s Tribute to Andy Rooney

In the latest edition of Frankly Speaking, Frank pays homage to his friend and mentor, the late great Andy Rooney in his own complainerous style. Krellant Special Report on Occupy Toronto

In this episode of The Krellant Evenings News, Cat Reporter infiltrates the Occupy movement and learns of their secret plans to take over the world. Oh, and Frank has a new reason to freak out.