Sketchy Thoughts: Banksy in Boston: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS CANCELLED, Essex St, Chinatown, Boston by Chris Devers

Interestingly, both of the Boston area Banksy pieces are on Essex St:• F?O?L?L?O?W? ?Y?O?U?R? ?D?R?E?A?M?S? CANCELLED (aka chimney sweep) in Chinatown, Boston on the main Kersplebedeb website:

Akaash Maharaj - Practical Idealism: Group Sword at the International Tent Pegging Championships – Akaash Maharaj Photocast

On the final day of competition at the world equestrian skill-at-arms championships in Oman, my horse Shomool remained in a surly mood. The rider to our left is keeping a considered distance, as Shomool had just attempted to deliver a slaying kick to his horse; Shomool’s rear hooves came within centimetres of the intended victim. ...