Dead Wild Roses: When A Voice Tells You You’ll Never Be Enough – Mattea Kramer

   Welcome to the particular mental hell that many women inhabit.  In an insightful article on Tom’s Dispatch by Mattea Kramer we see how the negativity toward women in society internalizes itself and become women’s own inner self-critical voice.   “Girls observe and absorb such double standards, as well as the criticism they receive for ...

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Dead Wild Roses: The Transformed Wife – Religion and Patriarchy Teamup!

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Dead Wild Roses: The Experiences of Females and Males in Society are Markedly Different

Posts like these are periodic reminder to my male readership that the way society treats you, and the way you expect to be treated isn’t the gold standard.  If you happen to be a double XX’er then, mysteriously (not so mysteriously if you happen to be a radical feminist) the rules and expectations that apply ...

Dead Wild Roses: ‘TERF’ is Hate Speech

The last two paragraphs from Meghan Murphy writing on the Feminist Current.   “The fact that the vast majority of those connecting the word “TERF” to threats of violence, death, and genocide are men is notable. The word has been offered up to those who identify as leftists, who have been, on some level, prevented ...

Dead Wild Roses: Brothels – The Most Common Question

The faster the world adopts the Nordic Model, the better it will be for women. Filed under: Feminism Tagged: Feminism, Prostitution

wmtc: rotd: thank you celina caesar-chavannes for speaking out on body-shaming

Today’s Revolutionary Thought of the Day is very unusual, in that it belongs to a member of government. This thought should not be revolutionary. It should not even need to be uttered. Nevertheless, it is and it does. It has come to my attention that there are young girls here in Canada and other parts ...

Dead Wild Roses: Questioning the Trans Narrative – About Damn Time.

Finally, a little mainstream coverage of female concerns with the male-centric trans narrative. Filed under: Culture Tagged: Feminism, Gender

Dead Wild Roses: Rape Culture – Defined.

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Dead Wild Roses: Gender is Toxic

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Dead Wild Roses: More on the Violence of Transactivists – Beating Up Grandma Because she’s a TERF.

Get the story reported here.   I’m quite done with the notion that feminism and transactivism can ever be reconciled.  They are mutually exclusive concepts. Feminism is about the liberation of females from patriarchy, and as evinced as of the September 13th – transactivism is about maintaining a respectable queer patina over the ugly ...

Dead Wild Roses: The Violence of Transactivists – Feminists Injured in Speakers Corner (Hyde Park UK)

This story courtesy of Meghan Murphy writing on The Feminist Current. This story highlights exactly the narrative of what the business end of transactivism is – male violence against women.  There is nothing ‘progressive’, ‘inclusive’, or any other lefty bullshit word appropriated by the transactivists that apply here. This is a story of violent men ...

Dead Wild Roses: Snapshots of Prime Male Behaviour – Women Just Can’t Take Compliments.

I get strange looks when talking about feminism as I usually include the phrase “women deserve to be treated as fully human, just as men are…”. They think I’m speaking hyperbolic and stuff and yet shit like this still happens in 2017. :/ Filed under: Radical Feminism Tagged: Feminism, Shit men do

Dead Wild Roses: On Empowerment – What is and isn’t – ‘yourfaveisilluminati’

We usually reserve the side eye for people who start talking about empowerment. Why? Because they are usually talking about the second half of the list. EMPOWERMENT 1. Physicality becoming physically stronger empowers us. exercising your body not only makes your body stronger and more powerful, but it brings discipline and helps you connect with ...

We Pivot: Why is Britain Moving Towards a 2-Child Policy?

While a royal family can embrace a third child, Britain is instituting a de facto 2-child policy for the poor. This is classist, racist, anti-feminist, misogynist, anti-human, inhumane and it perpetuates rape culture. As we pivot to a new world … [Read more]

Dead Wild Roses: It is Deplorable That The Term ‘dubious consent’ Exists

Filing this under patriarchal shit that makes me mad. :/  Quote from “The Problem with How Men Perceive Rape” by Lux Alptraum. “One of the reasons it took me so long to open up about my negative experiences with men was that, for years, I assumed I was alone. I’d grown up hearing that “no ...

We Pivot: Trudeau’s Empty “Yes We Can” Moment

Obama’s “Yes We Can” mantra made many question, yes we can do what exactly? That was its brilliance. He became whatever to whoever. Trudeau’s commitment to a national inquiry on murdered and missing indigenous women has become the same emptiness, … [Read more]

Dead Wild Roses: Is Corporate Meritocracy Fair?

The fascinating bit here is how easy it is for us to fool ourselves into thinking we’re doing “x”, when in reality we are doing “y”. In this study, all that was required to mirror the bias in our society against women was for a company to have a policy of meritocracy in place. Under ...

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Feminist Quote of the Day – bell hooks

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Dead Wild Roses: Words Have Meanings and Facts Don’t Respect your Feelings.

“i really don’t understand how you preach that women should all love each other but not accept transwomen. i do see some of your points about men claiming to be trans lesbian and not actually be either but.. i still think transwomen are women.. i had a lot of respect for you until now..”   ...

Dead Wild Roses: ‘Kill All Normies’ – Excerpt

This from a review on the Feminist Current by Jen Izaakson: “What unites these men’s rights groups with the alt-right is that they believe white, straight, males have been left behind and now exist at the bottom of the social and sexual hierarchy. They believe that while the world once belonged (rightfully) to them, now ...

Dead Wild Roses: Female Defence In Patriarchal Society – Taylor Swift Goes to Town

    “Taylor Swift’s firm testimony in a civil trial this week involving a former radio host who allegedly groped her is sending a strong message to women who might experience similar forms of sexual harassment and assault: Don’t diminish the act. “It provides a useful template for her fans, for younger girls who might experience ...

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Radical Feminist Quote of the Day: Queer Theory vs Feminism

So many discussion centre around this notion.  It would be nice if we could agree on a basic set of facts rather than arguing from completely different frameworks.   [Source] Filed under: Feminism, Gender Issues Tagged: Definitions, Feminism, Gender, Queer Theory

A Puff of Absurdity: On Slippery Arguments and Women at Google

You can read most of the infamous Google memo here, and for the record, I don’t think opening up this discussion should be a fireable offence, but I’m just concerned with this one piece of the puzzle right now: “the distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological ...