Susan on the Soapbox: Trumpism: A Wake Up Call

We can pick apart Donald Trump’s acceptance speech but it won’t get us very far. Trump is getting smarter in how he presents “the facts”.  For example: He uses anecdotal stories about three children killed by illegal Mexican immigrants (murdered and in car accidents) as proof that illegal immigration is out of control notwithstanding the ...

The Disaffected Lib: How Did We Become a Land of Cowards?

Bill C-51 speaks to the cowardice that has taken hold of Canadian society at the instance of the fear-mongering federal government.  Conservatives and Liberals and, for that matter, a solid majority of the Canadian public support it. What, some nutjob shoots somebody and so we need to turn the thumbscrews on the already dwindling rights ...

Politics and its Discontents: Yet Another Threat To America!

Judging by the discernment levels of many Americans, I guess this dire warning by washed-up action hero Chuck Norris and his wife about the threat to America posed by Obama’s re-election will galvanize people: Recommend this Post

Canadian Progressive: Conservative MP insults Canadians with confused take on F-35 jet plan

Yesterday we’d a jolly good laugh when Yukon Tory MP Ryan Leef got overjoyed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit and invited those gathered to “join me in welcoming back to the Yukon, the Prime Minister of Cannibal.” Conservative MP, Chris Alexander’s recent take on the F-35 fighter jet controversy is no such laughing matter. ...

Canadian Progressive World: Harper Conservatives Target Registered Charities

So far, the Conservative government’s fear-mongering has targeted anti-capitalism movements, environmentalists, Aboriginal groups, activists, foreign special interest groups, so-called “issue-based terrorists” and other imaginary “enemies of the state”. Now add registered Canadian charities to the hit list. Charities registered in … Continue reading →