We Pivot: The USA Is Disconnecting From Reality

The US government is a deranged, terrorist state. There is a broad epidemic of people throughout America with damaged mental health who are unhinged from reality. That people are trolling Las Vegas shooting victims, calling them frauds, that the shooting … [Read more]

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Night of the Nazis

At a time when Donald Trump is threatening to lead his nation to war, and making ugly noises about the freedom of the press. At a time when neo-Nazis are on the march again.The distinguished documentarian Marshall Curry thought it might be time for a cautionary tale.And remind Americans of the night in 1939, when 20,000 Nazi ...

Montreal Simon: Spain’s Fascist Assault On The People of Catalonia

Just over a week ago I wrote a post on the Catalonian people's long struggle for independence.And I made it clear I supported their right to determine their own fate with a democratic referendum.But when the Catalans held, or tried to hold that referendum yesterday, this is how the Spanish police reacted.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why I Support the Struggle of the People of Catalonia

It's hard to believe it's happening in Europe, and in an ostensibly democratic country like Spain.But just as the autonomous region of Catalonia was planning to hold a referendum on whether or not to secede from Spain, the Spanish government has tried to block it by arresting some separatist leaders. The Spanish police detained more than ...

Dead Wild Roses: When is Violence Acceptable in Society? – The Fascist/Antifa question.

    I am playing catch up with the recent dust-up around the choice of tactics used by Antifa in the United States in it’s struggle against the proto-fascist elements energized by the current Republican Administration led by Trump.  There are several sources in this brief overview, first from a academic journal to help with the ...

Montreal Simon: So, Once Again, Is It OK to Punch a Nazi?

Two days ago a small group of anti-fascists or antifa attacked a larger crowd of right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley, California. And triggered that old question again: is it OK to punch a Nazi?And now Martin Patriquin, after seeing that and what happened in Quebec City recently.  Jumps into the fray with this answer:Read more »

Montreal Simon: When Fascism Finally Came to America

When I was in university I used to bore and no doubt depress my friends, by frequently and confidently predicting that fascism was coming to America.And that it would be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross, as Sinclair Lewis said it would in his 1935 novel It Can't Happen Here.Until I found out ...

Montreal Simon: The Day Donald Trump Went Full Fascist

It's hard to find a pattern in anything Donald Trump does. He's here, he's there, he's everywhere, he's out of his mind, he's making it up as he goes along.But ever since that Nazi party in Charlottesville, a clear pattern is emerging, and it couldn't be more disturbing.Trump has always been loud and vulgar, a ...

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump: When a Fascist Is a Fascist is a Fascist

For a long time I hesitated to call Donald Trump a fascist. I thought he was just a bloated clown, and I didn't want to devalue the word.But not any longer. Not after the way he is going after transgendered soldiers, or the way he is threatening the media.Or the way that ugly bigot would portray ...

Montreal Simon: The Day Donald Trump Revealed His Inner Fuhrer

He's been rehearsing for the role for a long time, from the days when he kept a copy of Hitler's speeches on his bedside table.And yesterday Donald Drumph finally got his chance to play his Nazi hero. When he turned a Boy Scout Jamboree into a partisan political meeting.Read more »

We Pivot: Community First, Deportations Second?

Residents were upset that the president who promised to deport undocumented immigrants was rounding up undocumented immigrants in order to deport them. “I knew he was Mexican, but he’s been here so long, he’s just one of us,” Debra Johnson, … [Read more]

We Pivot: Countdown to Impeachment

As we pivot to a new world where political lies and corruption get the boot, let’s begin the countdown. T$$$p must go, Trudeau’s lies and family foundation apparent conflict of interest must go, Clark’s electoral finance corruption and just plain … [Read more]

We Pivot: T$$$p and His Cabinet Are TRYING to Trigger Us All

Like a 3-year-old trying to bug siblings and parents to receive ANY kind of attention, T$$$p and his cabinet are on a distraction campaign to trigger people to flip out so that we’re distracted from their agenda of deconstructing America … [Read more]

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Real Steve Bannon

Saturday Night Live likes to portray Steve Bannon, Donald Trump's chief strategist, as the Grim Reaper.And the real president of the United States.But now that Bannon has emerged from the shadows, and outlined his master plan for total Trump domination, I think SNL's portrayal is far too generous.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Donald Trump and the Real Steve Bannon

Saturday Night Live likes to portray Steve Bannon, Donald Trump's chief strategist, as the Grim Reaper.And the real president of the United States.But now that Bannon has emerged from the shadows, and outlined his master plan for total Trump domination, I think SNL's portrayal is far too generous.Read more »

We Pivot: Mobilize Now Against Local and Global Fascism

Don’t be stunned or rest in a superficial analysis of our new world with this president, Trump. There’s a chance you’ve just been missing out on how Canadian and American societies have been changing. Perhaps you’ve been living in an … [Read more]

We Pivot: Listen to Refugees; Don’t Ban Them

Canadians are awesome, tolerant, opening and welcoming. Sure. To a degree, but even to the point of self delusion. We often feel morally superior to the Americans, particularly now as they slide from proto-fascism to soft fascism to jackboot fascism. … [Read more]

We Pivot: Psst, Wanna Stop Protecting the Environment?

On December 31, 2018, the US government will stop protecting the environment. If the Kill-the-EPA bill passes, the US government will certainly slow down protecting it until they blow out the EPA candle in 22.5 months. How is Congress doing … [Read more]

We Pivot: What are White Supremacists and Misogynists Afraid Of?

So, let’s dig into the fear that motivates white supremacists and misogynists. Are they in backlash/whitelash mode, afraid of losing centuries of entitlement? Because their hate doesn’t start AS hate, but as fear. And if we can understand what they’re … [Read more]

We Pivot: Of Impeachment, Conflicts of Interest and T***p

T***p said he’s ceased to operate business while in the White House. Beyond being a liar and someone who makes things up, even if he were being honest about this, it’s pretty gosh darn impossible. Don’t click on this link; … [Read more]

We Pivot: Ask Kellie Leitch What Problem She Thinks She’s Solving

Kellie Leitch and her dog whistle politics have no place in my Canada. As we pivot to a world of greater justice and dignity, we need to beware of politicians peddling solutions to vague or non-existent problems. For it is … [Read more]

We Pivot: Actually, T***p is the Rogue One

The USA is now a rogue state, intentionally sowing ill will around the world. Canada must become a sanctuary nation immediately. #cdnpoli — WePivot.net 💭💬💭 (@WePivot) January 28, 2017 Trudeau is in Vancouver today for a Harper-style no-questions media availability. … [Read more]

The Disaffected Lib: Trump Has Germans Thinking a Lot About Democracy

The German people have not forgotten their past and president-elect Donald J. Trump has them revisiting those painful memories of a darker time. An article in Der Spiegel asks “How Much Mussolini Is There in Donald Trump?” The writer reviews a number of fascism checklists and the results aren’t promising for American democracy. He concludes that ...

The Disaffected Lib: Let’s Not Be Under any Illusions. Alt.Right Lives and It Will Have a Voice in Trump’s White House.

I’ve been using the word “AmeriKa” to refer to Trumpland. Now it seems I might be infringing on somebody else’s intellectual property rights. Kinsella found this handbill plastered on what appears to be a light post near his neighbourhood. I was a bit surprised to see the URL for america.org. I was drawn to explore ...

Montreal Simon: The Darkness of Trumpland and the Light of Resistance

It sure is dark out there. The darkness of Trumpland is truly upon us.On a day when we honour our Canadian soldiers who died fighting the fascists.On a day when we mourn the death of the great Leonard Cohen.And must now face the horror of this fascist clown.Read more »