Dead Wild Roses: If Di$ney Was Doing Game of Thrones

It wouldn’t work though, there is just too much grit in the show and the source material. Although, if animated we would have much more dragon time in the series, and more dragon-time is never a bad thing. Filed under: Media Tagged: Art, Disney, Game of Thrones

Art Threat: Disney abandons efforts to trademark Day of the Dead

Thanks to a wave of online backlash, Disney is withdrawing its application to trademark the term Dia de los Muertos — otherwise known as the traditional Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. The trademark filing was done in advance of an upcoming animated film release by Disney-owned Pixar based on the cultural celebration in which ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: The Disney Gang

They called themselves the Disney Gang, despite the fact that two-fifths of their members were clearly aficionados of the Popeye milieu. In fact, Chester “Popeye” Doyle was their leader; he did a crack impression of the pugnacious cartoon sailor, and … Continue reading →