cartoon life: Ministers of the faith #11

These goofy drawings seem to come out of fooling about with some new tool in some new app. Test the tool, see what kind of marks it makes, scribble something else on the page and just follow along. I don’t direct them at all. After a while I just trace over what hasn’t been drawn ...

cartoon life: Paper periodically posts personal profiles

Paper by 53 periodically

cartoon life: Out with the soft, in with the firm. 

So happy to have a bunch of new firm pencil tips. Why can’t I buy these? I would.  Filed under: digital, drawing Tagged: firm tips, Paper by 53, Pencil

cartoon life: Black cat on rocker

A quiet, dim corner, pale late evening light. Filed under: art Tagged: black cat, Cat, digital, life, rocking chair, sleeping

cartoon life: We’re #4 Canadian Travel app

The Heart of London climbs to the top: We’re #4, We’re #4! You’re in for it now that I have another app posted… yes.. a plethora of daily reports about how it’s doing in the stores and its further development! Yesterday it was ranked Number 4 in Canadian Travel in the Apple Store. That’s pretty ...

cartoon life: Zen Tuxedo Cat.

   Sleeping Tuxedo. Drawn in Zen Brush 2 app. Once again, this old boy is 19 years old. Sleep and eat is what he does. And quite vocally express his opinion about where you might be on his couch. This app has some subtle brushes, and even as the colour choices are limited to red ...

cartoon life: Frenzy

   We go through waves. The last months, in retrospect, have been tired, depressive, laden with gut pain. In the last weeks, not only have I felt better, but, as can be seen, fallow is over and creation begins. As always, just make a mark something will happen. Auryn Ink and Procreate.  Filed under: art, ...

cartoon life: This is my spot

Maybe a little cheating using Procreate’s perspective grid. Well, for the couch anyway. Filed under: art, digital, illustration Tagged: Cat, couch, futon, my spot

Things Are Good: Vote on Canada’s Digital Future

On Monday the 19th Canadians will cast their ballots for who they think should run the nation. Open Media has released a report card on where the political parties stand on digital issues impacting Canadians. It’s with no surprise that the conservatives get a failing grade. The good news is that every other party support ...

cartoon life: Oh, poor Jocelyn.

   Here, a perfectly lovely drawing driven insane. Filed under: digital, painting Tagged: troubled Deep Dreams

cartoon life: Psychic VR Lab Deep Dreams are silly sometimes.

The hallucinogenic cyber intelligences at Psychic VR Lab have been busy this week churning out images from submissions. I sent some images through the web interface knowing they would be challenging, only because the imagery is so graphically unambiguous, leaving little, actually, for the algorithm to imagine.   I can hear that can-opener but it doesnt make ...

cartoon life: The Sunburn

From a figure drawing session today at The ArtsProject here in London Ont. Some warm up drawings shared at the Tumblr are extended in app with colour after the fact. A previous version of The Sunburn was shared at Google+ and the Tumblr because sharing is so easy. Drawn and coloured in Procreate. Incidental non-direct ...

cartoon life: Cat on her rocker

On her rocker  Maybe needs a bit more fussing. I’m thinking I might try to take out the black cat outline.  Filed under: art, digital Tagged: calico, Cat, madeWithPaper

cartoon life: Four from life drawing at ArtsCentre

  First, a cropped image from Paper. Done with the Pencil stylus.   I wanted to experiment with Zen Brush, as I found my NomadBrush stylus. Zen Brush app has surface response where you need only lay down a flat fat finger for the tool to respond to the ‘pressure’ and draw full and fat strokes. ...

Things Are Good: Will Iceland be the “Switzerland of Data”?

Iceland is the de facto home of Wikileaks and is also a country concerned with privacy issues. The country is now considering leveraging their experience and reputation of being digital-data friendly to the next level. Presently, the country is considering branding itself as the “Switzerland of Data.” If Iceland does move ahead with this, it ...

cartoon life: Seven little cats in the grass

It’s been a week of tired. Sometimes I despair that so much is on the edge. I have no work held back, no posts queued up, no drawings hovering. Then you just make a mark, and something happens, and you just follow it. So this is fresh – last night – and with no idea ...

cartoon life: Composite clouds

Painted in Paper, assembled in Procreate. Filed under: art, digital, drawing, iPad Tagged: clouds, rain

cartoon life: The in-law chair #2

Actually quite a stylish chair. Filed under: art, digital, drawing, iPad Tagged: chair

cartoon life: The old tuxedo

Our 17 or 18 year old tuxedo sleeps a lot. It’s hard to get a pose where he doesn’t look dead. Filed under: digital, drawing, iPad Tagged: Cat

cartoon life: The in-law chair #1

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cartoon life: This is the week that was.

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cartoon life: Long cat in three portions

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cartoon life: Portrait of Matteo Palmieri

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cartoon life: Giovanni da San Giovianni

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cartoon life: Black cat on green

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