OPSEU Diablogue: Kingston hospital project to cost $164.9 million more under privatized deal

Ontarians are paying a premium of $164.9 million to replace Kingston’s mental health and rehab hospitals with a public private partnership. That’s nearly 38 per cent more than the public alternative. The figures come from Infrastructure Ontario’s own Value for … Continue reading →

OPSEU Diablogue: Kingston mental health cuts: things have changed since 1998

When Ontario last drafted a strategic plan for the delivery of comprehensive mental health services, the Mental Health Commission of Canada didn’t even exist. Today we are still implementing mental health recommendations from Ontario’s Health Restructuring Commission issued in 1998. Much … Continue reading →

Calgary Grit: OLP Leadership Update

While Federal Liberal leadership aspirants are free to subject their candidacy to a year-long striptease before declaring, Ontario Liberals do not have the luxury of time. With the membership cut-off in just four weeks, there’s little time to play coy. Yasir Naqvi mulled it over for a few days before deciding to bide his time ...

Calgary Grit: After 16 Years of McGuinty, What’s Next for OLP?

Sixteen years ago, Dalton McGuinty won the Ontario Liberal leadership race at 4:30 am, after 5 rounds of voting. Always one to defy expectations, McGuinty worked his way up from 4th place over the course of 9 hours in what was truly one of the wildest leadership conventions in Canadian history. Although it’s almost impossible ...