openalex: écoHackMTL: An excellent launch

We had an excellent turnout for the écoHackMTL launch.  A big thank-you to everyone who helped me put it together!  If you missed the action you can see a few photos over on our facebook page.

With close to 75 people in the room the energy was phenomenal, and we had a good mix of developers, community activists and NGOs, and representatives from the city.  Those were exactly the connections that we were trying to make possible.

Now the questions is how much of that momentum we can translate into concrete projects between now and the hack itself in October.

Stay tuned.  And for more info check out

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Trashy's World: OCDSB survey

You might remember that I wrote about this last year. Now the Ottawa public school board has some results to talk about. And they are for sure talking about it. The big takeaway for them is the diversity of the student population. Now, anyone can see this for themselves by

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