cartoon life: How I’m seeing nowadays

Seriously, the head cold and the cough rattle your eyeballs.

cartoon life: Colour in a black cat

Still looking to find colour in a black cat, when I have the occasion. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat

cartoon life: Settling in for nap

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cartoon life: It’s a world of dots out there!

In the What do Cats See series. I’ve been playing with brushes in Procreate, and indulging my writers block, by just make a mark, any mark and see what happens mode, also. So there will be a string of unusual images over the next weeks. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat

cartoon life: Zenbrush cat with engraving filter

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cartoon life: Zenbrush cat

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cartoon life: Miss High Haughty, Queen of all Tuxedos

Miss fuzzy cat. Every once in a while I look out for a new way to render her magnificent shagginess. Filed under: art, Cat Tagged: Cat, fuzzy

cartoon life: Hello! Yes! Proceed! Oh, I don’t know. Goodnight.

I too could run the world if you would let me. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat

cartoon life: Watching the world burn

An insane animal is in charge of the world Filed under: art, cartoon, illustration Tagged: Cat

cartoon life: Napping on the table

The dining room table was cleared for a day or so. And we haven’t napped there yet. So it must be done. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat

cartoon life: Out at night

That Tom! I know he’s out here! Filed under: art Tagged: Cat, scrapper

cartoon life: Now I have the box!

Filed under: art Tagged: box, Cat

cartoon life: My turn

It’s like a condo timeshare. Filed under: art Tagged: box, calico, Cat

Dead Wild Roses: Having a Bad Day…

When even the cute plastic duck toys are out to get you. Filed under: Cute Tagged: Cat, Cute, Humour

cartoon life: I have the box

Four cats. One box lid. Filed under: art Tagged: box, Cat

cartoon life: Tuxedo cat and paw

Okay. I think I got it.  A number of other in-process, well, maybe they were done, but, oh, I don’t know versions are viewable at samupressart Tumblr. All in various stages of goodness. But I think this one balances all the tricks quite nicely. Filed under: art Tagged: apps and filters, Cat, tuxedo cat

cartoon life: I want to go out

I feel better. I took my meds. And that other stray Tom is out there to beat up. So you have to let me outside. Oh, wait it’s raining. Crap. I guess I’ll stay in and bother you. Until I forget that its raining. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat, its a cats life.

cartoon life: Miss tuxedo cat and her wonderful tail

It’s my world and welcome to it. A long-haired queen tuxedo cat, born in a window well, she always looks maniacally alert because she thinks everything is going to eat her. Domesticated enough that she has a home to shed in. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat, sheds, tail, tuxedo

cartoon life: Tuxedo cat on yellow

Made with Auryn Ink, a watercolour simulation app. The interface is odd, but, okay… I’m beginning to see how it works. I like the new smooth paper surfaces. Filed under: art Tagged: black, Cat, tuxedo cat, watercolour, yellow

cartoon life: What? Who? Me?

Something ages old from Procreate. I was testing some integration from Paper, as I do like the fat pen tool, but Procreate has some nice chalks and charcoals. Returning to it, it looked more interesting than I remembered. A few more charcoal smudges and it’s not too bad. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat, guilty, startle

cartoon life: The old and the young

One is 23. One is 19.  Something I rarely do is paint from a photo, but this scene was likely going to change quickly. So, yes, I traced over the photo for the figure and forms, otherwise completely digitally hand painted free form. No filters, no sampling. Filed under: art Tagged: boy, Cat, couch, napping, ...

cartoon life: Just some silliness.

Just futzing around with importing something into Paper. That patch of orange colour has been run through numerous filters. Anyway, this is also an experiment to see if this image, sized elsewhere will appear ridiculously larger than necessary here. Filed under: art Tagged: Cat, silly

cartoon life: Black cat on rocker

A quiet, dim corner, pale late evening light. Filed under: art Tagged: black cat, Cat, digital, life, rocking chair, sleeping

cartoon life: Zen Tuxedo Cat.

   Sleeping Tuxedo. Drawn in Zen Brush 2 app. Once again, this old boy is 19 years old. Sleep and eat is what he does. And quite vocally express his opinion about where you might be on his couch. This app has some subtle brushes, and even as the colour choices are limited to red ...

cartoon life: Frenzy

   We go through waves. The last months, in retrospect, have been tired, depressive, laden with gut pain. In the last weeks, not only have I felt better, but, as can be seen, fallow is over and creation begins. As always, just make a mark something will happen. Auryn Ink and Procreate.  Filed under: art, ...