Cowichan Conversations: RMR Rick’s Rant Against Harper’s Secret Trade Deal (FIPA)

Cowichan Conversations: Green Party MP Elizabeth May Speaks Truth To Power in 60 Seconds

The Green Party’s only sitting MP-Elizabeth May-Saanich North & the Islands continues opposition to the sovereignty threatening China Trade Deal. She has only 60 seconds, thus democracy under the anti democratic style of PM Harper. However she makes every second count and wraps it up neatly, beating the clock.

Cowichan Conversations: Premiers Must Block Harper’s Sellout Of Our Sovereignty

Richard ‘Hub’ Hughes – Political Blogger Never has a greater threat to our sovereignty faced Canadians than that which we face in PM Steve Harper’s secret China Investment Treaty. All  of Canada’s Premiers must join together and present a ‘United Front’ along with the Federal Liberals, NDP, Green Party and the Bloc to stop this attack on our ...

Cowichan Conversations: Mulcair Speaks Out About the Canada – China Foreign Investment Agreement (FIPA).

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger   The Steve Harper Wrecking Crew, aka Our Canadian Government, are in high gear selling out the rights of Canadians, our democratic practices and our soverignty. Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair has issued this release for you information. I am writing you because you have expressed concern about the Canada – China ...