In-Sights: Hypocrisy

Until a 2017 statute deterred corporate contributions to politicians, BC Liberals took in millions from radical activists with deep pockets. These were the foreign shareholders and financiers of large corporations doing business in this province.

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In-Sights: An electrifying agenda

Access to years of BC Hydro’s financial reports provide me with an indisputable record of the utility’s financial destruction. Eleven years ago, one citizen didn’t have detailed evidence but he did have foresight. A letter to Black Press, September 27, 2006: Editor: Re: Tom Fletcher, B.C. Views, “Road show, or

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In-Sights: Hypocrisy 101

Communications sometime reveal more than planned about policy and political philosophy. That may be the case when a Liberal “digital warrior” tweeted this: Liberals are OK with taxpayers paying billions to support someone else’s mining and gas companies, and private power producers, for helicopters and jets to fly to Party

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In-Sights: History lesson

I’ll soon be publishing my impressions of what is ahead when John Horgan forms Government, supported by 41 NDP MLAs and 3 MLAs from the BC Green Party. I’ve been reading blog commentaries and social media as well as paying attention to the corporate media’s reporting and nonreporting of news.

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In-Sights: Clark is an illegitimate Premier

Britain’s politically conservative Telegraph newspaper says the Cabinet Manual is “the closest thing Britain has to a rule-book.” It is important here because BC’s legislature is based on the Westminster parliamentary system and follows common conventions. The course of action Christy Clark should have followed is written in the manual:

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British Columbia voters reduced Christy Clark’s BC Liberals to minority status in the provincial election this week. The BC Liberals, who have formed government since 2001, elected candidates in 43 of the province’s 87 legislative constituencies (pending recounts). The official opposition New Democratic Party led by John Horgan boosted their numbers

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As Premier Rachel Notley returns from leading a ten-day economic trade mission to China and Japan, political watchers have been wondering where the recently elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party has been? Jason Kenney appeared to go into hiding around a month ago after he sparked controversy with his comments about Gay-Straight Alliances and outing

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Left Over: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (with apologies and an acknowledgement to Mark Twain..)

      ttps://   In their latest propaganda piece  the  BC Libs are  attempting, lamely, to counter  research that shows that BC has one of the lowest education budgets per student in the country..not much of … Continue reading

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