PostArctica: Late Summer Melancholy of An Arch

Rolling on foot into Westmount today and took a pic which reminds me of Giorgio de Chirico’s Mystery and Melancholy of a Street. Here is Giorgio’s version. And here is mine. Maybe I am just crazy, getting old, but I see paintings in photographs, or, but its not a problem. The interesting thing is that ...

PostArctica: Triptych #1 – Monet, McLaughlin and Turner

PostArctica: Triptych #2 – Richter, McLaughlin, and Rauschenberg (with corners erased)

PostArctica: Center Jenny, 2013 – Ryan Trecartin

The avant garde today?   More from Ryan Trecartin here

PostArctica: Walking With Andy

Walking with Andy he talks and talks he copies things and gets on my nerves he has been to China I respect that but it looked boring (he didn’t get it) He said the sky sucked in my picture and I agreed So we did this together he laughed I admitted It was better so ...

PostArctica: My Stieglitz Shot

The things we do to get a good picture… One of the first very important figures to passionately endorse photography as an art form was Alfred Stieglitz, perhaps even better known as being for a time the husband of Georgia O’Keefe. Alfred Stieglitz claimed that he stood for 3 hours in a storm on Fifth ...