Politics and its Discontents: A Darwin Award Contender?

Given that we are in the midst of summer, a little change of pace seems in order. Read this story and watch the accompanying video to see if the developer of a rather unusual homemade pesticide solution merits consideration for a Darwin Award nomination. Recommend this Post

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Rumpole and the Big Smoke #nlpoli

Here’s the official summary of a judge’s decision in a recent arson case: Accused was charged with arson. The Crown failed to prove beyond a  reasonable doubt that the fire was deliberately set and, if it was, that it was the accused who did it. The accused was acquitted. Failed to prove anyone deliberately set ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: The Disney Gang

They called themselves the Disney Gang, despite the fact that two-fifths of their members were clearly aficionados of the Popeye milieu. In fact, Chester “Popeye” Doyle was their leader; he did a crack impression of the pugnacious cartoon sailor, and … Continue reading →