ezra winton: Against empathy?

This short animation from The Atlantic highlights some of Professor Paul Bloom’s thoughts on why empathy—at least a kind of status quo mainstream empathy—isn’t really a good thing at all. The short should really be called “Against warm glow altruism,” as Bloom is focused on building off of Peter Singer’s concept of effective altruism and ...

ezra winton: Padre – Inspired Political Animation

I love this short Argentine animation film Padre, and I think you will too. If the film piques your interest into animation production, then check out the wonderful making-of short the filmmakers have so generously provided here (https://vimeo.com/88605096).

Dead Wild Roses: Addiction – Now with Animation.

Here at DWR we’ve already talked about how our theories about addiction are quite flawed.  However, this is such an important topic that we’ll cover it again, but now in an animated format that is quite appealing and easy to understand.   Many social problems can be addressed by ‘changing the cage’, however, recognizing that ...

cartoon life: Musical Paint Calico cat

Our fluffy calico held still long enough for me to work on this. Filed under: art Tagged: animation, calico, Cat, musical, Musical Paint app

cartoon life: Black cat composition

Drawn moments ago in Musical Paint app Filed under: art Tagged: animation, Cat, music

LeDaro: Flowers: Amazing animation

Enjoy! Source: Photobucket

Cowichan Conversations: Ed Asner’s Shot at the Rich Crooked Big Business and Wealthy Tax Cheats (Animation)

This is a classic expose of the rich and powerful tax cheats enjoying a free ride in the United States. This applies through Canada as well. 

Art Threat: Disney abandons efforts to trademark Day of the Dead

Thanks to a wave of online backlash, Disney is withdrawing its application to trademark the term Dia de los Muertos — otherwise known as the traditional Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. The trademark filing was done in advance of an upcoming animated film release by Disney-owned Pixar based on the cultural celebration in which ...

350 or bust: Saturday At The Movies

I sure hope they used recycled paper!

The Canadian Progressive: How global temperatures have changed since 1880 – video

Once again, indisputable proof of climate change! via The GuardianUK and YouTube: 2012 was among the 10 warmest years on record, new figures show. This animation displays a progression of changing global surface temperatures anomalies from 1880 to 2012. Higher than normal temperatures are shown in red and lower than normal temperatures are shown in ...

Canadian Progressive: Enbridge Inc Rebuked: “This is not an Enbridge animation” (VIDEO)

*This is not an Enbridge animation from Shortt and Epic Productions on Vimeo. Last week, Enbridge Inc. insulted Canadians again with an animated propaganda video that omitted the natural resources the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline will destroy. The video omitted thousands of kilometres of islands and other natural features along British Columbia’s Douglas Channel, including ...

Those Emergency Blues: Friday Night Flicks: Pigeon Impossible

No pigeons were harmed in the making of this short film. Filed under: Friday Night Flicks Tagged: animation, Short film

Those Emergency Blues: Friday Night Flicks: Meet Buck

Funny with a pretty obvious lesson in social tolerance — and bonus points for doing so without being didactic or preachy. (Couch mode here.) Filed under: Friday Night Flicks Tagged: animation, Short film

Those Emergency Blues: Friday Night Flicks: Logorama

Imagine a society where the entire physical environment, even ourselves, is branded. . . and life is lived as a Hollywood cliché. Features a campy Mr. Clean and a very evil, psychotic clown. Couch mode is here. Filed under: Friday Night Flicks Tagged: animation, branding, logos, Los Angeles, short films

Those Emergency Blues: Friday Night Flicks: Eye of the Storm

I know this short/music video by Lovett was criticized by some for being essentially plotless and shallow, but for me anyway, creating a  backstory to the nth detail indicates the creator thinks the audience has no imagination: trust me, there are plenty of hints and unanswered questions — and ambiguity — to make this worth ...

Canadian Progressive World: Willie Nelson & Our Beautiful Sustainable New World

Willie Nelson & Our Beautiful Sustainable New World (via EcoLocalizer) television commercial,inhumane factory farming,Willie Nelson,urgent importance,urgent need,visual masterpiece,horrific damage,significant task,Coldlpay song,resonant message,majestic poetry,Mexican restaurant,educational animation,short film,sustainable way,loathe,Coldplay,genius,antibiotics,restructuring,factory,chemicals,food system,deftly,The film,Chipotle