daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Kenney shifts into Phase Two of Uniting the Right

Shifting into the second phase of his campaign to unite Alberta’s two largest right-wing political parties, newly elected Progressive Conservative leader Jason Kenney met with Wildrose Party leader Brian Jean this week. According to an email from Kenney’s campaign, the two men, who are both expected to run for the leadership of a new conservative party, shared ...

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Setting the stage for Wildrose 2.0: Moderates need not apply

“We must also ensure that a new, united party will be built on a solid foundation of conservative principles and policy. The left-liberal clique that managed to slowly highjack the PC Party must never again be allowed to seize control of Alberta’s conservative movement.” This call for ideological purity came from Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt ...

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: The PC Party’s Christmas gift to the NDP

A defamation lawsuit wrapped with a big bow. Any hope Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party had of making the story of Sandra Jansen’s harassment go away is long gone as a political operative working for Jason Kenney’s leadership campaign has launched… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Alberta Party first out of the gate for 2019 election

Engineer Omar Masood is the first candidate nominated to run in Alberta’s next provincial election, which is expected to be held in early 2019. Members of the Alberta Party association in the Calgary-Buffalo constituency acclaimed Mr. Masood as their candidate at… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: PCs don’t need the Wildrose to win, NDP should watch their Liberal flank

Uneventful weeks have become rare in Alberta politics and this week in particular has been uniquely interesting. We started with the release of political party fundraising data from Elections Alberta showing the NDP raised more funds in the last quarter than… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Alberta NDP raised more money than the Wildrose Party in Q3 of 2016

Elections Alberta has released the results of political party fundraising from the third quarter of 2016 and it shows that the Alberta NDP raised more money than the Wildrose Party for the first time since the second quarter of 2015. This marks the… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: PCs kick off leadership race 5 years after choosing Alison Redford

Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives officially kicked off their leadership race on October 1, 2016 at a party event in Lethbridge. The PC Party formed government in Alberta from 1971 until 2015, when it was reduced to third-place in the Legislative Assembly… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Levelling the playing field in Alberta Elections

For many decades, Alberta’s old Progressive Conservative government benefited greatly from large corporate donors which would help keep the governing party’s campaign war-chest flush with cash. It was well-known in Alberta political circles that the PC Party had the goal… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: The Myth of the Alberta Advantage

August 31, 1993 marked the first time the words “Alberta Advantage” were uttered on the floor of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly. “Unlike some others, my government will not try to buy prosperity through higher taxes. Instead, it will build on Alberta’s… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: PCs have a long history of nomination scandals in Calgary-Greenway

The March 22 by-election in Calgary-Greenway kicked off this week with the defending Progressive Conservatives already embroiled in scandal. Four candidates were expected to contest the PC nomination at a meeting scheduled for Feb. 27, but the local constituency association decided… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Albertans are more progressive than you might think. I’m not surprised.

A new report, “The Quiet Majority“, released by a new group called Progress Alberta shows that we Albertans may be more progressive than we believe we are. According to a survey conducted by Abacus Data, when Albertans were asked whether they consider themselves to… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca – Alberta Politics: Alberta’s Tories Poised to Sweep Election in Spring 2016

December 17, 2015 By: Dirk Pranter, Provincial Affairs columnist, Calgary Sunherald One year after nearly the entire official opposition crossed the floor to join Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives, the 44 year long governing party is expected to sweep the province for a record thirteenth… Continue Reading →

daveberta.ca - Alberta Politics: PC Party financials reveal $1.5 million debt from 2015 election

Reports of the death of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta might only be slightly exaggerated. Financial disclosure reports submitted to Elections Alberta show the former governing party amassed a $1.5 million debt during the May 2015 election. After reportedly nearly missing the deadline to submit… Continue Reading →

Five of Five: Friday Night

Liza Minelli and Joel Grey explain the surprising results in the 2012 Alberta Election. Also, the Toronto Star won five National Newspaper Awards. 

Five of Five: Morton, Hinman and Some Bickering

The last pre-election message on Ted Morton’s website: To our Supporters: Thank you for supporting me and the PC Party—a party that has madeAlbertathe best place to work, to live and to raise a family. As your MLA for Chestermere-Rocky View, I will work for you to keep it that way. I wasn’t really sure ...

djkelly.ca: #abvote Predictions

What’s an election without a couple of predictions? And to avoid any of that “I said that would happen!”/”No you didn’t!” stuff I thought I’d write down a few of mine. (And instead revel in the multiple “Boy, was that guy way off!” that will no doubt come my way.) So here are my thoughts as ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: ‘Don’t be messin with Mr. T,’ Part II

Mr. T: Don’t be messin’ with him! That was then. This just in: Alberta Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk allegedly assaulted by resident while door knocking in Edmonton-Castle Downs! What’s more, according to the CBC, the house attached to the door in question had a Wildrose sign on the lawn. The Journal says there were two ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: Is Alberta’s most entertaining political season in a lifetime drawing to a close? Gosh I hope not!

Get me Wildrose, Rewrite! Your blogger, who many not be exactly as illustrated but used to have a typewriter just like that, pounds out a last plea for a poll showing Alberta Conservative fortunes in decline before heading off to Okinawa. No soap! According to the Edmonton Journal’s political columnist yesterday morning, “if recent public ...

David Climenhaga's Alberta Diary: Flippity flop flip… has Alison Redford’s government ‘jumped the shark’ already?

Alberta Premier Alison Redford, immediately after ‘jumping the shark.’ Alberta politicians may not appear exactly as illustrated. Whaaaaaaaaat?! Below: The quotable LBJ. Is this the worst start ever, or what? Barely sworn in as Progressive Conservative premier of Alberta, Alison Redford’s flip-flop yesterday on the Heartland Transmission Line has seasoned political observers wondering if the ...

djkelly.ca: Metro column: Focusing on the individual, not the party

I’m not a big fan of party politics. I could care less which party is in charge. I care more about who the people in government are and what kinds of decisions they make. [Note: This last sentence was cut from the printed version, but I thought it was important so I added it back ...

Five of Five: When a Witch Weighs the Same as a Duck

Ed Stelmach’s communication style is oblique and opaque most of the time. Opaque in the sense of being impenetrable by light. Today he all but confirmed that Stephen Duckett would be relieved of his duties as the Alberta Health Services CEO. At least that’s what I read among the grimaces and incomplete sentences. I’m not ...

Five of Five: Health Care WAP Style.

Here’s a podcast of CBC Calgary’s noon hour show today, featuring Danielle Smith talking about the Alberta Health Care system. It starts at around 25:40. Her critiques of the existing system are mostly right on. Everyone knows that the Stelmach government’s management of the health care system is ridiculously incompetent. There are really no words ...

Five of Five: D-Bag of the Year Award

Link. Congratulations to Naheed Nenshi for winning the Mayor’s job in Calgary. Now we know obnoxious conservatives can be defeated in Calgary. Next task: Alberta PC’s.